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AI Powered Linguistic Validation

AI powered linguistic validation solutions are in hot demand. This is because CRO companies and pharmaceutical sponsors must translate an ever increasing amount of clinical documents with the highest level of linguistic and technical accuracy, while at the same time controlling translation costs and achieving faster project turnaround. Old fashioned, offline linguistic validation services are increasingly becoming too expensive, time-consuming, and complicated, involving many manual touch points that are hard to track, manage, and streamline. The good news is the latest AI technologies and online-based workflows can help significantly improve linguistic validation quality and efficiency for CRO companies so the entire drug development process becomes faster and cheaper.

Stepes AI-powered linguistic validation redefines professional clinical research translations by leveraging modern digital solutions for clinical trial translations, from terminology training and machine learning to delivering drastically improved linguistic validation efficiency and quality.

For each project, Stepes first trains our AI solution with pre-approved multilingual terminology glossaries specific to the related clinical trial(s). Next, clinical documents are pre-translated with Stepes AI (often in just a few minutes.) Finally, these AI pre-translated sentences (segments) are systematically reviewed and edited by our professional life sciences linguists. The system captures all linguistic edits and saves the reviewed bilingual sentences in a working translation database for machine learning. Using this process, Stepes can significantly improve the speed of linguistic validation while ensuring linguistic consistency and accuracy, on a continuous basis.

Linguistic Review by Subject Matter Experts

Once the clinical documents have been pre-translated by Stepes AI, our professional life sciences linguists and subject matter experts are brought in to review and edit the content to fix grammar, mistranslation, omission, accuracy, and context related issues. With our next-gen linguistic review platform, linguists have the ability to rate each translation and indicate the specific errors and types. Since Stepes linguistic review is conducted using our state-of-the-art cloud-based editing environment, all content edits are automatically captured and saved for future project reference and leverage. The editing data is also used for machine learning for continuous improvement of our AI solution. Stepes linguistic review by subject matter experts ensures the highest level of linguistic validation quality and technical accurcy.

Machine Learning and Continual Improvement

Stepes Linguistic Validation 2.0 uses modern machine learning (ML) capabilities to significantly improve translation efficiency and cost savings. Specifically, our machine learning algorithms record and save edited sentences and segments by our language experts in a linguistically validated database so the same sentences can be reused for future document translations without additional review. Since many clinical outcome assessments for a single clinical trial share similar content, machine learning can assist clinical translations in three ways:

  1. improved linguistic consistency so the same sentences are never translated differently in the target languages,
  2. faster project turnaround because much of the translations can be leveraged from existing work,
  3. lower cost because translations are priced based on the number of words translated so the reduced word count leads to decreased localization cost.
Patient Centric Linguistic Validation

The entire healthcare industry, including pharma companies and CRO organizations, are moving towards patient centricity. Medical services and solutions are increasingly designed around getting the patient’s input more easily and efficiently, while minimizing the burden on everyday lives of patients. When it comes to linguistic validation involving patient reported outcomes (PROs), no other translation company comes close to Stepes for applying the latest digital and mobile technology solutions to the language translation process. Stepes is the first to introduce multichannel translation solutions including mobile linguistic validation so international patients can perform language translation at the convenience of their fingertips. Click here to learn more about Stepes mobile translation technology.