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Premier Language Translation Services for International M&A

Stepes (/’steps/) provides tailor-made translation solutions for international mergers and acquisitions in over 100 languages. We help companies expand global presence, one accurately translated M&A document at a time.

Accurate M&A Translation Services

Accurate M&A Translation Services by Subject Matter Experts

Are you an international company or legal, financial, or consulting firm involved with cross-border merger and acquisition deals and need to translate due diligence documents between English and German, English and Spanish, or English and Chinese? Look no further than Stepes. We provide expert M&A translation services in all Asian, European, and Latin American languages for a full range of legal, financial, sales & marketing, technology, and human resource documents so our clients can conduct international mergers and acquisitions with confidence across language barriers. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional, native translators and multilingual M&A subject matter experts to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate due diligence translations with quality and speed, at scale.

According to KPMG, one of the most common approaches to increasing a company’s global presence with expanded product offerings and market share is through international mergers and acquisitions. However, to ensure the best M&A decisions with regards to potential risks and rewards, companies must have clarity and an in-depth understanding of important aspects of the opportunity. When it comes to international M&A deals, this means accurate translations of all kinds of technical, legal, financial, and regulatory documents between English and French, English and Japanese, English and German, and many other languages throughout the merger-and-acquisition cycle. The good news is professional M&A translation companies like Stepes have the linguistic resources and translation technologies to ensure you have the right knowledge across languages to confidently navigate the complexities of buying or selling international businesses.

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A Few of Our Customers

Stepes is proud to serve the language translation needs of some of the most successful brands in the industry. The following are just a few of our clients.


M&A Due Diligence Translation

M&A Due Diligence Translation

International mergers and acquisitions involve comprehensive due diligence that’s performed over a large amount of data content often written in different languages. This is why quality due diligence translations are the key to ensure the most accurate information is captured, processed, and analyzed for successful international M&A. Stepes has in-depth experience translating financial, legal, and technical content with accuracy and efficiency so M&A consultancies, private equity firms, and banking companies can make the most informed decisions that drive multilingual due diligence success. Our due diligence translation solution includes terminology management and translation memory support, allowing our professional translators to deliver the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision, at speed and scale. Better yet, our secure, cloud-based translation platform allows M&A consulting firms to manage all of their multilingual due diligence in a central location for global access.

We Translate These M&A Documents

Stepes provides expert language translations for all of the following merger & acquisition documents.

  • Confidential Information memoranda (CIM)
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Seller Pitch Book
  • Investment Banking Engagement Letter
  • Investment Teaser
  • Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Executive Summary
  • Company History
  • Sales Process and/or Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Management Team Structure  • Growth Opportunities
  • Competitive Landscape or Industry Outlook
  • Intellectual Property Overview
  • Company Asset Report
  • Financial Reports
  • Indication of Interest (IOI)
  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Transition Services Agreements
  • Escrow Agreements

We Translate All Types of M&A

We Translate All Types of M&A

Companies conduct merger & acquisition deals for a variety of business reasons such as faster growth, better diversification, or improved tax benefits. To meet these goals, several different types of M&A best practices including horizontal, vertical, concentric, or conglomerate are employed to ensure the most optimal implementation. Stepes has the linguistic experience, localization methodology, and language technology to translate M&A content for horizontal mergers, vertical mergers, concentric mergers, or conglomerate mergers that drive international business success. Talk to one of Stepes M&A translation consultants and learn how to raise your international merger and acquisition deals to a high level of multilingual performance.

End-to-End International M&A Translation and Localization

End-to-End International M&A Translation and Localization

Stepes has experience translating for each stage of the international M&A lifecycle. We have professional, native translators, as well as bilingual legal, financial, and technical subject matter experts to accurately translate a variety of technical documents for due diligence, business valuation, transaction execution, and post-merger integration. Stepes has greatly streamlined the translation process so we can reuse previously translated content for improved linguistic consistency, fast turnaround, and reduced localization cost. In addition to text documents, we also support the translation of all content formats such as website, software, video, e-learning materials. Our online translation management system has a built-in, secure virtual data room while supporting multilingual due diligence and M&A project management.

Regulatory Submission Translation for International M&A

International M&A deals are increasingly subject to more rigorous, stringent regulatory reviews by global governments to ensure they don’t end up eliminating competition, reducing innovation, or leading to higher prices. Recently, national security concerns have also prompted government agencies such as the U.S. CFIUS to closely scrutinize international mergers and acquisitions. As such, M&A consulting firms and PE companies must submit a large amount of M&A documents for regulatory review. This is why you need Stepes. We have the linguistic professionals and subject matter experts to deliver regulatory submission translation services with accuracy and speed, at scale. Simply drag and drop your documents to our online portal to receive a translation quote in seconds.


Multilingual Virtua Data Room

Multilingual Virtua Data Room

Stepes’ multilingual VDR is designed for simplifying international M&A deal management across languages. When conducting cross-border merger and acquisition due diligence, various stakeholders must have access or gain insight into a range of document content authored in many different languages. Stepes’ multilingual virtual data room (MVDR) combined with our expert M&A translation services provide the perfect solution.

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