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Missing the Boat

Why Translation Has Missed the Huge Potential with Connected Mobile Devices

Most of today’s translation software for mobile devices is merely borrowed from the traditional word processor approach used on desktop computers. This means translators must read text and key in translations in a text window, just as you might type your email on an iPhone. Although such translation methods work on computers equipped with much larger displays, they result in very poor user experiences for linguists trying to translate a large amount of text on a small mobile screen. Thus, up until now, translators have largely abandoned the idea of translating on their smartphones.

The challenge of producing a comfortable user experience translating on small mobile devices has prevented the adoption of any mature mobile translation technology. Unfortunately, in a world dominated by smartphones, Big Data, and the Internet, this means the translation industry has missed out on reaping the rewards of increased scope and efficiency powered by the mobile internet.

Missing the Boat
Translate Everywhere

Mobile Translation Game Changer

Stepes changes the way translation is performed on mobile devices by taking advantage of the natural chat model on handheld devices to perform translations. By first breaking down a document into smaller paragraphs and then sentences, linguists can perform translation in a conversation style very similar to many of the popular chat applications on the market today. This chat approach fundamentally solves the constraint of small mobile displays, making the translation process enjoyable, while significantly improving the user experience and translation efficiency.


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