Introducing myTranslator

Introducing myTranslator

With myTranslator, each of our clients gets the benefits of an in-house translation team, combined with the flexibility and scalability that an external service like Stepes provides.

Dedicated Professional Translators

Dedicated Professional Translators You Can Trust

At Stepes, we understand the importance of translator continuity for delivering consistent, high-quality translation results. This is why we assign a dedicated team of translators, uniquely branded as “myTranslator”, to each customer account. These teams are chosen based on their subject matter expertise. By doing this, we ensure our translators retain the knowledge and specialized requirements—like specific word choices and linguistic style preferences—from past projects, and consistently apply them to future tasks. This level of dedication not only ensures accuracy but also streamlines the translation process for our clients.

Benefits of myTranslator

Having myTranslator for each of our clients is like having an in-house translation team, combined with the flexibility and scalability of an external service like Stepes. This ensures our clients receive personalized, efficient, and high-quality translation services tailored to their specific needs.


Dedicated translators become familiar with a client's specific style, tone, and terminology, ensuring uniformity across all translated materials.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance:

A deep understanding of the client's industry and needs results in translations that are both linguistically accurate and contextually appropriate.


Over time, dedicated translators become quicker at translating for specific clients, familiarizing themselves with recurring themes, terms, and preferred phrasing.

Streamlined Communication
Streamlined Communication:

Having dedicated myTranslators means clients don't need to re-explain their requirements or preferences with every new project.

Trust and Reliability
Trust and Reliability:

Clients can build a trustful relationship with their myTranslators, confident in their understanding of specific needs and preferences.

Reduced Onboarding Time
Reduced Onboarding Time:

With no need to familiarize new translators with every project, turnaround times can be faster.

Feedback Loop
Feedback Loop:

myTranslator can consistently provide feedback on the source content, highlighting any ambiguities or potential issues, proving invaluable for clients.

Customized Glossaries
Customized Glossaries:

Over time, dedicated translators help craft and refine client-specific glossaries and translation memories, ensuring heightened consistency and speed for future projects.

Contextual Understanding
Contextual Understanding:

Translators dedicated to specific clients often grasp the broader context, aiding them in making superior translation decisions, especially in intricate or nuanced scenarios.

Confidentiality and Security
Confidentiality and Security:

The ongoing relationship promotes a strong sense of responsibility, making dedicated translators more vigilant about client material confidentiality.


In the long run, having a dedicated translator becomes economical, thanks to heightened efficiency, fewer errors, and no repeated onboarding costs.

Brand Sensitivity
Brand Sensitivity:

Over time, dedicated translators acquire a profound understanding of the client's branding requirements and target audience, ensuring translations that bolster consistent global branding.

 How It Works

How It Works

For each new enterprise client, Stepes’ project managers handpick a team of translators from our linguist pool. These translators possess the specific subject matter expertise aligned with the customer’s industry and domain. They are then tasked with delivering top-tier translation results for the client’s projects.

Stepes stands out as one of the pioneering translation companies to adopt a star rating system. Clients use this system to evaluate translators based on linguistic quality, on-time delivery, and customer service. Those linguists who consistently achieve a 5-star rating are then automatically integrated into the client’s MyTranslator team.

Transparency Drives Translator Accountability

Transparency Drives Translator Accountability

At Stepes, we believe that transparency promotes stronger accountability. We are among the first translation companies to introduce myTranslator, allowing our clients to access the translators working on their projects directly. This feature enables direct communication and performance rating. Our open approach not only builds trust but also fosters an environment of dedication and excellence. As a result, our linguists consistently strive to deliver top-tier translation results.