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Simply drag and drop your files and then select the desired languages to obtain an instant translation quote in seconds. Stepes (/’steps/) supports PDF, Word, InDesign, and most other file formats.

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You can also obtain a translation quote by providing us with the word count of your document and target languages.

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Our Translation Pricing Structure

Our Translation Pricing Structure

Stepes quotes on translation projects using the per word pricing model. For customers with repeated orders, we support translation memory to reuse previously translated words for cost savings and linguistic consistency. In the latter case, our translation estimates will include costs for new words, repetitions (repeated words), and fuzzy matches – 100% matches, 95%-99% matches, and 85%-94% matches. We charge new word rates for fuzzy matches below 85%.

Professional Video Translation Services

Video Translation Quote

Stepes allows our customers to get instant translation quotes for video localization, including transcription, translation, multilingual subtitling, and voiceover. Simply upload your video or provide a link to your online videos, and specify the target languages for Stepes will provide you with a video translation quote in real time.

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