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Improve Multilingual Patient Care with the Best Pharmacy Translation and Interpretation

Stepes (/’steps/) provides certified language translation and interpretation services for pharmacies and drugstores in over 100 languages. We help pharmacists, healthcare providers, and physicians engage multilingual patients with confidence, one accurately translated pharmacy document at a time.

Accurate Pharmacy Translations

Accurate Pharmacy Translations You Can Trust

Are you a pharmacy or drugstore looking to translate medicine labels, informed consent forms, prescription documentation, or patient questionnaire responses between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and French Creole, and other languages with quality and speed? Look no further than Stepes. We provide ISO 9001 certified pharmacy translation services on-time and on budget. Federal laws in the United States, such as Equitable Health Care Access, mandate that all individuals have timely access to affordable, high-quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate care. This means pharmacies must provide a range of accurately translated healthcare-related content to any patient whose native tongue is other than English in order to stay compliant with regulations and achieve the best patient care experience. The good news is professionally translating your pharmacy documents with accuracy and efficiency doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking or break the bank.

Stepes is a premiere translation company specializing in high-quality healthcare translation services and solutions in all Asian, European, Latin American, and most African languages. We have the linguistic experience, best-in-class localization processes, and industry-leading language technologies to help pharmacies and drugstores overcome linguistic barriers for the best possible ROI. Stepes is powered by one of the largest teams of professional medical and healthcare translators and multilingual subject matter experts, who excel at translating pharmacy content with accuracy and speed. We also own a comprehensive medical terminology database covering all major languages, allowing our professional pharmacy linguists to deliver consistent, quality pharmacy translations with authority.

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Our Pharmacy Translation Clients

Stepes is proud to serve the translation needs of a number of pharmacies and health care organizations. The following are just a small number of our customers.

Shields Health Solutions
Medicine Shoppe

On-Demand Pharmacy Interpretation Services

On-Demand Pharmacy Interpretation Services

Pharmacies and drug stores (including specialty pharmacy services within hospitals) often need language interpretation support to effectively communicate with immigrant patients with difficulties understanding English. The good news is there are many translation companies ready to help. Stepes has a large team of certified healthcare interpreters for both over the phone or on-site pharmacy interpretation services in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many other languages. Better yet, we’ve greatly simplified the way pharmacies obtain on-demand interpretation service by using our subscription-based model. Clients simply dial a dedicated phone number and then select the desired foreign language they wish to receive just-in-time interpretation support for. Our dedicated pharmacy interpreters are instantly notified on their mobile phones, enabling them to provide real-time interpretation, 24/7.

E-Pharmacy Translation

E-Pharmacy Translation

The rapid development of online based business models, further accelerated by COVID-19’s impact, has resulted in substantial growth for e-pharmacies and online drug stores. Companies like Amazon and CVS Health now allow patients to purchase both over the counter (OTC) and prescription drugs using digital prescriptions. Stepes is a leader in professional translation services for ecommerce websites, enabling companies to engage international customers across linguistic barriers. We provide full-service language translation for online pharmacies, including drug title and description translation, graphics and video localization, multilingual website testing and QA, as well as multilingual SEO. Talk to one of our online pharmacy translation consultants today and learn how Stepes can help grow your online presence to a higher level of success. To learn more about Stepes’ online translation solutions, please click here. You can also visit our e-commerce translation page here.

All Pharmacy Documentation Translation

We Translate All Pharmacy Documentation

As pharmacies become increasingly patient-centric and clinically oriented, pharmacists and prescribing practitioners must provide a variety of documentation to ensure informed consent and compliance with health care laws, as well as protection of the business from medical malpractice lawsuits. When it comes to immigrant patients, this means multilingual documentation to track discussions with patients, including patients’ ability to correctly repeat back information in their native languages such as drug names, dosages, expected results, and common adverse effects, etc. This is why you need Stepes. We have the linguist resources, best-in-class localization processes, and cutting-edge language technologies to ensure all of your pharmacy documentation is localized with the best quality. Stepes helps pharmacies engage multilingual patients with confidence.

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