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Automated translation solutions with Stepes Salesforce Translation Connector


Salesforce plays an increasingly critical role in today’s enterprise sales management and Marketing/PR administration. More and more businesses depend on Salesforce to most efficiently enhance customer loyalty and grow revenue on a global scale.

Although companies use Salesforce to streamline business processes across a broad spectrum of operational functions, they can’t be sure that they’ll produce the same results across languages, simply because the majority of the world’s customers don’t speak English. This is why you need Stepes Translation Connector, a fully automated solution to get your Salesforce content translated into over 100 languages on-demand.


Salesforce Multilingual Marketing Campaigns

Chances are, you rely on Salesforce to better serve global customers and increase revenue worldwide. However, there is no better way to improve the experience for international customers than speaking in their own language. Stepes Salesforce Translation Connector allows your marketing messages to be translated into any language quickly and seamlessly while all being done by professional human translators.

Stepes does this by allowing Salesforce to push content to be translated through the Translation Connector to our on-demand translation cloud using RESTful APIs. Next, Stepes uses our AI powered translation management algorithms to automatically assign content to our pre-approved linguists, who can work on either desktop or mobile devices to complete the translation in real time. Finally, Stepes pushes the translated content back to the Salesforce CRM through the Translation Connector in a fully automated process.


Salesforce Knowledge Base Translations

Multinational enterprises must ensure their sales training literature and knowledge base materials are available in different languages to ensure the most optimal sales operations in all countries. However, translating sales support materials on-demand and keeping up with multilingual content updates in real time can be a challenge. This is why you need Stepes Salesforce Translation Connector to ensure your global sales representatives always have the tools they need to grow your international revenue most efficiently.

Stepes’ mobile powered cloud translation solutions are designed to translate all of your Salesforce content most efficiently using our fully automated translation workflows. Contact us today for a live demonstration of Salesforce translation solutions.

3 Reasons Why You Should Translate Your CRM Content

To understand why you need to translate your CRM materials, you need to understand why you need a CRM system in the first place. According to the sales literature of the developer of Salesforce itself, CRM allows you to better understand your customers to achieve the highest level of success. However, to understand your customers, you must speak their language.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

The more you understand your customers, the better you’ll be able to deliver tailored and customized solutions to meet their needs. CRM systems are designed to allow you to most efficiently capture, organize, and categorize customer data and information in and, ultimately, better serve them. However, this information will be of little value if you don’t understand it due to language barriers, let alone speaking in your customers’ own language, which is a must for creating the most positive experience possible.

Enhanced Communication

Enhanced Communication

A CRM like Salesforce makes it possible for your sales staff to better communicate with your customers by giving them access to the same customer information on the cloud and on mobile anywhere and anytime. However, if the information is presented in a language other than the customer’s native tongue, chances are even your best sales stars won’t be able to communicate with your customers very effectively. This is why you must translate your customer information and make it available in all languages.

Better Customer Support

Better Customer Support

In today’s rapidly changing digital economy, providing your international customers with timely resolutions to customer issues or complaints is crucial. This means the information must be translated on-demand so your most experienced sales representatives are able to locate a solution in real time. Stepes’ mobile powered translation solutions allow customer questions to be translated very quickly so you can provide the best customer support on a global scale.

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