Introducing Shared Translation Services

Stepes is the first in the translation and localization industry to develop a mobile based translation solution that most efficiently utilizes the hyper-connected translation network to seamlessly manage the supply and demand of translation services. Consistent with the on-going digital transformation—Stepes shifts the fundamental architecture of translation from top-down (bureaucratic) hierarchies to peer-to-peer networks. The peer-to-peer network is capable of accessing talent anywhere in the world faster and more efficiently so the future of localization is not in jobs where people work for bosses; it’s in collaboration of independent agents (freelance translators) participating in sophisticated human networks to provide fast, accurate, affordable, and shared translation services.

A Few of Our Sharing Economy Customers

Stepes provides high quality translation services for some of the world’s most successful companies. Here are a few of our distinguished clients.


Stepes Translation Automation

By leveraging the power of the digital economy to effectively bring together buyers of translation and freelance translators, Stepes is able to eliminate many of the human touch points associated with conventional (bureaucratic) localization models such as file analysis, quotation, project management, translation memory leverage, project delivery, invoice and billing. As a result, Stepes is able to provide businesses with quality affordable translation services on-demand.