Subscription Based Translation Services

Achieve More with Subscription-Based Translations

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) redefines professional language translation services to a modern subscription-based model. We help the world’s leading companies accelerate international business success with simpler, faster, and more cost-effective translation solutions, at scale.

Simpler Workflow

Simpler Workflow, Smarter Process, and Higher ROI

Subscription based business models are disrupting the way companies deliver services and products. Translation is not an exception. Customers today demand simpler and faster professional translation solutions that are on-demand, agile, always-on, and easily scalable. Old fashioned, offline translation services involve complicated processes and unneeded manual touch points that are too slow, overly expensive, and highly difficult to track and manage. This is why you need to take a look at Stepes. We’ve introduced the world’s first subscription-based professional translation model so you can streamline enterprise wide translation activities online and on the cloud.

Stepes subscription-based translation workflow allows companies to achieve these benefits:

  1. Simplicity. Simply sign up for a Stepes translation subscription account and you’ll be ready to start translating right away. Translate as you go and never have to worry again about tracking project progress, billing, and invoicing with emails, Stepes manages everything automatically using our centrally accessible online ecosystem.
  2. No minimum fee. With your Stepes translation subscription, you never have to pay a minimum fee for small projects. With today’s digital transformation, small projects are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. This can add up to huge cost savings over time.
  3. Flexibility and scalability. Pay for what you need translated. You’ll never have to worry about volume spikes as Stepes automatically scales to meet your increased translation demands automatically.
  4. Smarter process. Optimized translation workflows for the best efficiency. Automated file handoffs, quotations, linguistic reviews, and project management on the cloud.
  5. Never get locked in. No need to sign multi-year contracts that lock you in.
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Enterprise Translation Subscription

Enterprise Translation Subscription

Let’s face it, today’s enterprise localization operations involve purchasing the same translation services over and over again, in a highly repetitive business process, regardless if it’s translating website updates, product documents, or marketing collaterals. This recurring business pattern makes it ideal for subscription-based translation models. Old fashioned, offline translation paradigms that rely on manual workflows and disbursed email messages for file transfer, project tracking, billing/invoicing management are no longer efficient to meet today’s agile translation requirements necessitated by the rapidly growing digital economy. This is why subscription-based translation service models are poised to grow exponentially. Stepes is a leader in next-gen enterprise translations that leverage the power of the cloud to deliver unrivaled localization performance. Our industry leading subscription-based translation solutions help our clients beat their competition and get ahead faster in international markets.

Subscription based services are ideal for modern enterprise translations that demand quality, speed, while ensuring scalability. For each business subscriber, Stepes automatically assigns one or more customer success managers to provide real time project support as needed. Next, Stepes linguistic resource managers assign a dedicated team of professional translators (called myTranslator) with the right subject matter expertise to the client’s account. These linguists will work on the client’s translation projects on a continuous basis for the best linguistic accuracy and consistency.

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How It Works

How It Works

Working with Stepes translation subscription is easy. Simply follow these three easy steps to start translating.

  1. Sign up for a Stepes translation subscription account and select the desired level of service.
  2. Next, upload existing translation assets such as translation memories, multilingual glossaries, and reference materials, including language style guides, QA check lists etc.
  3. Start translating. Simply drag and drop files or copy/paste text to the new project dashboard to get them translated on-demand. You can track the progress of your translation at any time on both desktop and mobile. Download the translated documents with the click of a button. Stepes also supports translation automation using REST APIs so the entire localization workflow is fully automated for the best efficiency.

What You’ll Get

What You’ll Get

Subscribing to Stepes enterprise translations will allow you to get the following benefits:

  1. No minimum fee for small projects, this is true even if you’re only translating one word into multiple languages.
  2. Free technical support.
  3. Reduced project management cost.

Launch In Minutes

Launch in Minutes

Unlike working with offline translation services that can take a long time to set up and onboard, subscribing to Stepes translation services only takes a few minutes. Customers simply sign up to subscribe to our on-demand translation services by specifying their target industries and desired source-target languages. Stepes will automatically match their translation needs with our pre-approved linguists with the right subject matter expertise. Customers can start to drag and drop documents to have them professionally translated immediately.

No Vendor Lock-In

No Vendor Lock-In

At Stepes, we believe customer loyalty can only be earned through consistent, quality translations on time, on budget, and on a continuous basis. We’ve invested substantial time and effort to develop our translation subscription platform so the entire localization process is highly transparent. As a customer, you have access to your translation memory, terminology, and all translated documents at the click of a button. You can also export the data at any time should you decide to stop using our translation services.

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