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Connect with local translators and interpreters to get real-time answers to your translation problems, all from your smartphone.

Stepes for local language help

Are you using machine translation apps for your on-the-go translation needs? Then you are missing out on the personal touch and high-quality that locally based translators can bring to your language translation needs. Talk & Translate is one of the four main translation modes that come with the Stepes Translation App. It allows you to easily receive robust and friendly service with intuitive language information that only a local bilingual can provide. Instead of merely receiving mechanical voice translations, you can now ask for restaurant recommendations, tips on how to use the local public transport system, or get quick language help in an emergency. Just select Talk&Translate from the main menu, choose your location and language pair and you will be given a service quote. Then press the green call button and you will be connected instantly. When connected to WIFI the call is free.


What Makes Us Different?

The personal, human touch is what elevates an adequate translation app from an outstanding one. Our translators love helping people like yourself overcome communication barriers with the world. Don’t get embarrassed or confused with emotionless machine translations. Stepes is the “Uber” of translation services and connects you instantly with native speakers across the world who can help translate not only your voice into local dialects, but your business brand’s message into 100+ languages.

Whether you are visiting São Paulo, Munich, Beijing or Hanoi, our LBS (location based service) support uses your geo-location to instantly connect you to local human translators everywhere. No other translation apps come close to offering what Stepes’ Talk & Translate can do in terms of delivering 5-Star language services that you can trust.

Our Features

  • translation-featuresSupport location based human translation. For example, if you are visiting Tokyo, translators who are based in Tokyo will be used to serve your translation needs for the best quality, on-demand.
  • translation-featuresChoose your languages. Talk & Translate will automatically set the target language to the official language of the place you are visiting. However, you can overwrite it by selecting any target language of your own.
  • translation-featuresFree IP calls using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network (data usages may occur through your mobile provider) so you will not incur separate phone call charges with your provider
  • translation-featuresAbility to book a translator in advance (using Book a Translator) for on-site and in-person interpretation
  • translation-featuresAbility to rate a translator on his or her performance using an Uber-like model
  • translation-featuresSupports over a hundred languages and still growing. Unlike machine translation apps, Stepes Talk & Translate uses human translators and supports many more languages including African languages and even many local dialects
  • translation-featuresAs easy as a simple phone call, just speak, say or talk to your translator for everything you need for instant translation
  • translation-featuresThe only translation app that lets you make international friends effortlessly

Supported Languages

The Stepes Translation App supports more languages than any other app on the market. This is because we use local human translators and interpreters to support many languages and dialects that machine translation apps don’t offer.

  • English (EN)
  • French (FR)
  • German (DE)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Japanese (JA)
  • Simplified Chinese (ZS)
  • Traditional Chinese (ZT)
  • Korean (KO)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (PB)
  • Arabic (AR)
  • Russian (RU)

Other Languages

  • Czech (CS)
  • Danish (DA)
  • Dutch (NL)
  • English, UK (UE)
  • Finnish (FI)
  • Korean (KO)
  • Norwegian (NO)
  • Polish (PL)
  • Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)
  • Swedish (SV)
  • Thai (TH)
  • Vietnamese (VI)
  • Afrikaans (AF)
  • Albanian (SQ)
  • Amharic (AM)
  • Armenian (HY)
  • Azerbaijani (AZ)
  • Basque (EU)
  • Belarusian (BE)
  • Bengali (BN)
  • Bhutanese (BT)
  • Bihari (BH)
  • Bosnian (BS)
  • Breton (BR)
  • Bulgarian (BG)
  • Burmese (MY)
  • Catalan (CA)
  • Chinese,Hong Kong (ZH)
  • Chinese,Traditional (ZT)
  • Croatian (HR)
  • English,Australian (AE)
  • English,Canadian (CE)
  • Estonian (ET)
  • Faroese (FO)
  • Filipino (TL)
  • French,Canadian (CF)
  • Frisian (FY)
  • Galician (GL)
  • Georgian (KA)
  • Greek (EL)
  • Guarani (GN)
  • Gujarati (GU)
  • Hausa (HA)
  • Hawaiian (HW)
  • Hebrew (IW)
  • Hindi (HI)
  • Hungarian (HU)
  • Icelandic (IS)
  • Igbo (IG)
  • Indonesian(ID)
  • Interlingua(IA)
  • Irish(GA)
  • Javanese(JW)
  • Kannada(KN)
  • Kashmiri (KS)
  • Kazakh (KK)
  • Khmer (KM)
  • Kirundi (RN)
  • Kurdish (KU)
  • Laothian (LO)
  • Latin (LA)
  • Latvian (LV)
  • Lingala (LN)
  • Lithuanian (LT)
  • Luganda (LG)
  • Macedonian (MK)
  • Malagasy (MG)
  • Malay (MS)
  • Malayalam (ML)
  • Maltese (MT)
  • Maori (MI)
  • Marathi (MR)
  • Moldavian (MO)
  • Mongolian (MN)
  • Montenegrin (ME)
  • Nepali (NE)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (NN)
  • Pashto (PS)
  • Persian (FA)
  • Persian,Dari (DR)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Punjabi (PA)
  • Romanian (RO)
  • Rwandan (RW)
  • Scots Gaelic (GD)
  • Serbian (SR)
  • Sesotho (ST)
  • Shona (SN)
  • Slovak (SK)
  • Slovenian (SL)
  • Somali (SO)
  • Spanish,Latin American (XL)
  • Sundanese (SU)
  • Swahili (SW)
  • Tajik (TG)
  • Tamil (TA)
  • Tanchangya (TC)
  • Telugu (TE)
  • Tibetan (BO)
  • Tonga (TO)
  • Tswana (TN)
  • Turkish (TR)
  • Uighur (UG)
  • Ukrainian (UK)
  • Urdu (UR)
  • Uzbek (UZ)
  • Valencian (VA)
  • Welsh (CY)
  • Yiddish (YI)
  • Yoruba (YO)
  • Zulu (ZU)
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Best User Experience

Best User Experience

Stepes’ Talk and Translate revolutionizes language translation and interpretation on mobile devices so you get the best quality service, hassle free. With the push of a button, you are instantly connected to a local translator via WIFI or mobile data (so you don’t have to pay for high priced international calls.) It’s over-the-phone interpretation made easy. We are so confident you will love our mobile and on-demand human translation services that we’re offering you 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Try Stepes today and say hello to the world!