Best-In-Class Terminology Extraction

Best-In-Class Terminology Extraction on the Cloud

Quality and Speed! Simply drag and drop your files to extract terms instantly. TermExtract is a terminology extraction as a service (TEaaS) that allows global enterprises to easily build product glossaries accurately at speed and scale,  in over 100 languages.

Finally, a cloud terminology extraction tool that works the way you want, easily.

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) redefines term extraction into a simple, intuitive online service, enabling companies and organizations to easily create professional multilingual glossaries online in real time. Enterprise terminology management starts with quality glossary development. Traditional terminology extraction tools are too difficult to use and often produce mediocre results, leading to increased project costs and prolonged glossary development cycles. Stepes TermExtract solves these issues by providing terminology extraction as a service on demand and on the cloud, hassle free.

How It Works

TermExtract is a cloud term extraction service that is designed to make project based terminology extraction a breeze. Simply drag and drop files or upload your documents to extract terms in seconds. You can decide if you want Stepes to review or translate the extracted terms. Next download your terminology glossary in XML, Excel, or Word format.

Terminology Extraction Diagram

Stepes terminology extraction service automatically extracts terms from your documents based on subject matter, frequency, and user defined stop terms. It then filters the list using AI and big data. The algorithm also compares extracted terms against, the world’s largest multilingual terminology platform developed by Stepes with hundreds and thousands of terms in over 1,700 subject categories.

After automatic extraction, the list of extracted terms can be reviewed by a Stepes linguist to remove irrelevant entries. We also provide terminology translation so your terms are accurately translated into the target languages by professional translators and multilingual subject matter experts.

Automated Multilingual Glossary Development

Automated Multilingual Glossary Development

Professional terminology management starts with quality glossary development. A multilingual glossary consists of a list of source language terms along with definition content and other meta information, as well as corresponding terms (translations) in other languages. This glossary is then used in product localization to ensure consistent and quality content delivery in all languages. Unfortunately, multilingual glossary creation using traditional processes is more easily said than done. This is because old fashioned glossary creation effort lacks the systematic approach to managing collaboration among multiple team members from different departments working remotely, such as product development, marketing, sales, technical writing, localization, and in-country offices, making it a challenge if not impossible to track and monitor. These ad-hoc approaches to enterprise glossary development are inadequate to ensure the most optimal outcome. Stepes cloud based terminology extraction services solve these challenges by automating end-to-end glossary development workflows on the cloud for unrivaled efficiency and scalability. Companies simply upload their content using our intuitive online dashboard and then specify the subject domain and target languages; Stepes will take care of the rest. We make it possible for our clients to easily create initial glossaries as well as on-going project based glossaries for continuous development. To learn more about we can help upgrade your organization multilingual glossary development processes, talk to one of our terminology extraction consultants today.

Project Based Glossary Creation Made Easy

Project Based Glossary Creation Made Easy

One reason that terminology extraction is so difficult to implement is that it’s not only time consuming, but also must be carried out repeatedly for each localization project. Often times companies spend the time and effort to develop the initial glossary but stop short of continuing the effort for subsequent projects even though new products and services continue to get introduced. These terminology glossary gaps can lead to poor localization results when companies translate new technical or marketing content for international markets. Stepes TEaaS solves these problem. Our terminology-extraction-as-a-service disrupts the old model by allowing our clients to include multilingual glossary creation as an integral component of each localization project. Since Stepes has automated many of the time-consuming manual  terminology extraction tasks, we’re able to achieve unrivaled efficiency for project based glossary creation without breaking the bank. Our enterprise customers can specify glossary creation as part of their translation projects, allowing businesses to grow their term base continuously.

Enterprise Terminology Management

Enterprise Terminology Management

Professional terminology management is one of the most important requirements for consistent and quality translation and localization. Global enterprises depend on effective terminology management to deploy quality multilingual content to meet international customer requirements. Effective terminology management also enables companies to better meet global regulatory requirements. On average, poor terminology management accounts for over 75% of all translation errors that can take significant time and effort to correct, leading to increased localization cost and delayed time to market. Stepes offers a full suite of enterprise terminology management solutions powered by our industry leading, wiki-based terminology management system on the cloud. Our latest terminology extraction as a service (TEaaS) helps to remove a major bottleneck for enterprise terminology management. To learn more about Stepes expert terminology management solutions, please click here.

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