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Stepes Translate

Get Ready For Stepes Translate
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Stay tuned! Stepes Translate will soon showcase how human translation can be completed quickly and efficiently by connecting businesses with translators from around the world. Finally, anyone can experience instant human translation in over 100 languages.

Stepes Translate is similar to Google Translate but utilizes human translation.

The “Stepes” are simple:

  • 1. Input your short translation request, select your target language, and send the text through the Stepes Translate website or using the Stepes App.
  • 2. Stepes translators, who can work from their smartphones anywhere and anytime, are notified about new translation requests and immediately translate the text
  • 3. Requester rates the quality of the translators job. Translators who consistently receive higher ratings will be given more paid jobs through the Stepes system.
Note: in case a human translator is not immediately available, machine translation will be utilized to ensure efficiency.

Download Stepes today, and see how easy it is to obtain live quality human translations.

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