Translation Memory Management

Transparent Translation Memory

TM transparency for better translation memory management. Translate once and reuse everywhere for improved localization efficiency, linguistic consistency, and translation cost savings.

Translation Memory Management Made Easy

Translation Memory Management Made Easy

Stepes (/’steps/) has greatly simplified enterprise translation memory management into an intuitive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) process, allowing companies to reuse their localization assets easily across all content types for cost savings, fast turnaround, and improved consistency. Better yet, it’s completely free if you also use Stepes for your organization’s professional translation services.

Simply upload TMX, XLIFF, or bilingual Excel files to our online TM portal and Stepes will build the translation memory database automatically. Once created, TM leverage is automatically performed for new projects. TM segments can also be looked up using our powerful, AI-powered translation memory search. For companies that use Stepes to provide quality translation services, the system will automatically leverage the TM for each document uploaded. Finally, the master translation memory database is automatically updated after each project is finalized. The entire translation memory management process is fully automated and hassle free.

Our secure online translation management system is accessible from anywhere on all devices, and available 24/7. Clients can look up translation memory segments and perform TM leverage in real-time. We support all types of TM matches such as in-context matches (ICE match), 100% matches, and fuzzy matches.

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Transparent Translation Memory

Transparent Translation as a Service

Are you looking for an easy, powerful translation memory management solution to enable your project teams to deliver high-quality translated content with greater consistency and efficiency at reduced costs? Look no further than Stepes. We provide one of the most powerful translation memory management solutions in the language industry in terms of speed, simplicity, and functionality. Traditionally, translation companies manage translation memory assets on behalf of the client. The drawback of this model is that the client doesn’t always have full visibility of the size and leverage ratio of the TM asset. Some translation companies also think they won the TMs, making it difficult for the client to switch to other vendors. Stepes fully transparent translation memory management solution solves this challenge.

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