Translation Proofreading and Editing Services

Professional Translation Proofreading and Editing Service

Stepes (/’steps/) provides expert translation proofreading, linguistic review, and post editing services between English and Spanish, English and Japanese, English and French, and 100 other languages. Our experienced, subject-matter-based professional language proofreaders, translation reviewers, and linguistic editors can help your company improve translation quality results to a higher level of international communication success.

Quality Translation Proofreading

Quality Translation Proofreading by Subject Matter Experts

Are you looking for a language service agency to proofread, edit, and QA your marketing translations, document translations, or software translations to ensure translated contents are linguistically precise and technically accurate? Look no further than Stepes. We provide expert translation proofreading, revising services in Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, and 100 other languages. Stepes has a large team of native translation reviewers and language quality assurance (LQA) professionals specializing in a range of content types and industries/subject fields to deliver the highest quality linguistic review results. We employ language industry-standard LQA methodologies and our own quality assurance best practices to measure linguistic quality and revise translated texts using objective, quantifiable metrics. Companies regularly review, edit their English content before going to market, why taking chances with your customer-facing content in other languages.  With Stepes on-demand linguistic review solutions, getting your translated documents professionally proofread by a 3rd party reviewer has never been easier.

Poorly translated content can have a major impact on your international customer experience and tarnish your brand in global markets. Worse yet, bad translation quality can cause product recalls in certain regulated industries, leading to both lost time-to-market and revenue. This is why you should entrust your translation review to a professional language agency like Stepes. We understand translations contain subjective elements such as the choice of words and linguistic style. This is why our proofreading service focuses on quantifiable metrics such as terminology errors, missing translation, mistranslation, or readability issues. Talk to one of our translation review consultants today and let Stepes raise your translation quality while lowering localization cost.

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List of Translation Proofreading and Editing Services

Stepes performs a full range of linguistic review and editing tasks as a part of our professional translation proofreading services. The following is a list of linguistic validations our professional translation reviewers regularly check.

  • Terminology accuracy and consistency
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Translation guide adherence
  • Missing translation or omission
  • Mistranslation
  • Extra translation
  • Sentence structure
  • International date, number, and currency format
  • Readability
  • Linguistic style

Terminology Accuracy and Consistency QA

Terminology Accuracy and Consistency QA

Studies show that over 70% of all translation quality issues within the localization industry are related to terminology, i.e., the inaccurate or inconsistent translations of technical terms from one language into another. Stepes provides terminology validation as an integral component of our professional translation review and editing service. In addition to employing the most experienced translators to carefully proofread the translated text, Stepes has developed an automated solution in which our online linguistic validation system automatically identifies incorrect terminology translations using a pre-defined bilingual glossary. To learn more about Stepes’ professional terminology management solutions, please click here.

Translation Readability QA

Translation Readability QA

In language translation, readability is defined as the ease of reading and comprehension of the translated material by the target language audience. Due to linguistic style, sentence structure, and cultural differences, translated text can sometimes be hard to read or understand even though it may be grammatically correct and accurately reflects the meaning of the source content. Stepes translation readability QA is the process by which our linguistic reviewers edit and revise the translated sentences so they flow more smoothly and are easier to read. This may involve breaking down long sentences with clauses into shorter texts, replacing esoteric vocabularies with more common words, as well as rephrasing sentences to remove word-for-word or rigid translations, while maintaining technical accuracy with the source-language text.

MTPE Services

MTPE Services

In addition to proofreading translation results done by human translators, Stepes provides professional machine translation post editing (MTPE) services for companies that elect to use MT to cut localization costs while still achieving human-level translation quality. Better yet, Stepes MTPE solutions allow our clients to receive detailed edit data so they can use the information to train the MT engine for continuous improvement. To learn more about Stepes comprehensive MTPE capabilities, please click here.

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