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In 2016 Stepes Translate showcased how human translations can be completed quickly and with quality by connecting customer translation requests to translators and interpreters with the Stepes App, whilst giving you, the translator, a chance to practice and improve your ratings in order to obtain paid jobs on Stepes. Since then the app has grown and offers four main features: Document Translation, Talk & Translate, Chat & Translate and Book a Translator.

Document Translations and Chat & Translate is similar to Google Translate, but uses real human translators. Customers request short messages of under 50 words to be translated into a selected language, which are then sent to you as a translator via Stepes app notifications. Your translation will then be rated by the customer, and all your contributions and reviews adding up in helping you to obtaining paid Stepes jobs. Stepes Translate knows which specific customers you translated for, so you’ll be linked with any paid translation projects they request for in the future, if they give you more than 4 Stars. You can talk to Clients over the Phone using Talk & Translate or visit interesting sights and locations when booked as an interpreter – with Stepes you have many possibilities to grow as a professional linguist.

Download Stepes today, start contributing to the community, and give yourself a chance of earning extra cash through smartphone translations. The translation industry has been estimated to increase greatly in the coming years and we want translators be ready to lead this demand.

To get started, download the Stepes App from the Apple App Store or Google’s Android Play store and you’re good to go!

Simply sign up, or if you’re an existing user, you can use your existing username and password – there’s no need to sign up again.

Want something translated? Request for a translation of your own by visiting Stepes Translate.

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