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Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides best-in-class website localization services and solutions to the world’s leading companies. We’ve simplified and streamlined end-to-end website localization production processes to achieve the highest level of linguistic accuracy and efficiency in over 100 languages.

Professional Website Localization

Professional Website Localization for Global Success

You’ve spent time and money creating your English website and the last thing you want is to work with an average localization partner to localize your website into Spanish, Chinese, French, or other Asian and European languages. After all, professionally localized websites can go a long way to promote your international brand and achieve local success in overseas markets. This is why you need Stepes, the language industry leader for fast and professional website localization solutions. Stepes has redefined professional website localization into a fully automated process on the cloud, allowing our professional linguists to translate your website content with confidence while ensuring your multilingual website is up and running most efficiently, hassle free.

Stepes delivers top notch website localization services to the world’s leading companies by combining our expert linguistic resources with industry-leading localization technologies and best-in-class language localization processes. Stepes has in-depth experience localizing medical websites, financial websites, manufacturing websites, and ecommerce websites. Our CDN or proxy-based website localization solutions accelerate the initial language translation efforts and then streamline subsequent localization of on-going source content updates. With Stepes, you no longer have to manually export your website content and then reimport localized content, leading to significantly improved website localization efficiency. To learn more about Stepes full-service website translation solutions, please click here.

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Our Website Localization Process

Our Website Localization Process

Note: The right side of the website localization workflow is repeated for continuous updates.

Stepes has greatly simplified professional website localization by automating the entire translation workflow using a process similar to CDN (content distribution networks.) Simply provide us with your URL and our intelligent crawler will automatically extract your website content and provide a localization quote within one hour. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved professional translators with the right subject matter expertise are brought in to translate the content with accuracy. Next, Stepes will automatically create the localized website on our staging server for linguistic, cosmetic, and functional testing. Clients simply add the links to their English site to point to the localized sites for final launch. After that, Stepes keeps track of source website updates and then translate the new content on-demand.

Localization Automation for Website Updates

Localization Automation for Website Updates

Enterprise websites undergo regular updates on a continuous basis. This is where traditional website localization processes fail. The manual effort involved to extract new content for localization and then import localized content back to the site is tedious, with many of the same tasks performed over and over again. These repeated tasks should and can be fully automated. This is why you need Stepes. We’ve streamlined localization of your website updates so the entire updating process is fully automated. The only exception is the actual translation task which is performed by our professional human translators. The result is a lean, efficient website localization process ensuring your localized websites always stay up to date.

Linguistic Testing Cosmetic Testing Functional Testing

Website Localization Testing

Localization testing is an important component of Stepes’ professional website localization services. Once the localized site is set up on our staging server, Stepes team of localizers will go through the website to check for linguistic, formatting, and functional issues. Compared to English, German, Dutch and many other languages have longer words so the same text occupies more space, leading potential truncations or other cosmetic, layout anomalies. Localization testing will fix these issues as well as implement any linguistic changes before official launch of the localized sites. To learn more about Stepes localization testing solutions, please click here.

We Localize All Websites

We Localize All Websites

Stepes has in-depth experience localizing websites developed using a variety of CMS systems and tools such as WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Shopify, and more. We provide two localization options to our client’s multilingual website development needs: 1) full service, and 2) translation only. For full-service localization, our solutions take care of everything from content extraction and translation, to setting up the localized site and testing. In this case, our solutions work best for WordPress, Drupal, and Wix websites with primarily static content.  For dynamic websites that display content based on user input such as ecommerce sites with shopping carts, we work with our clients to develop customized localization solutions to best meet their needs.

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