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Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides YAML translation services in over 100 languages with certified quality. We have the linguistic resources and technical talents to translate your web-based applications with quality and speed.

Professional YAML Translations

Professional YAML Translations You Can Trust

Are you developing your web-based applications using Java Spring MVC, PHP, HTML5, or Javascript and need to translate YAML files with quality and speed? Then look no further than Stepes. We have expert experience localizing all kind of resource files such as .properties, JSON, and YAML files so you can release your web applications in multiple languages with the highest level of linguistic quality, on time and on budget. Stepes is a professional localization company with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We lead the industry with next generation language technologies that help our clients accelerate product launches on the international marketplace. Having one of the largest teams of professional native linguists and subject matter experts, Stepes delivers accurate and on-demand translation services for the software industry with certified technical accuracy. We help our clients beat the competition and get ahead fast globally.

Quality YAML translations require more than linguistic skills, it demands the translation partner to possess advanced technical capabilities in software programming and website development. YAML documents consist of keys and value pairs which must be processed properly to ensure that translated files can be compiled back into the application without issues. Stepes has a highly experienced localization engineering team that understands the programming languages like Java, PHP, C++ and more to ensure the most efficient translation process. We’ve developed fully automated solutions to process your YAML files with efficiency. Better yet, our cloud translation management system allows our translators to see the actual software interface during translation, ensuring the best linguistic quality the first time around. Just upload your YAML files onto our online portal to receive an instant quote. Upon your approval, our pre-approved linguists will begin translating immediately. We’re so confident you’ll be impressed with our YAML translation service that we offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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How It Works

Translating YAML files with Stepes is easy. Simply drag and drop your .yml files onto our online portal. Our intelligent algorithms automatically exclude words that don’t need to be translated and provide you with an instant translation quote. Upon your approval, Stepes pre-approved linguists are immediately assigned to start translating. Once complete, our system automatically generates the localized YAML files with the correct file structure.







What is YAML

What is YAML?

The name YAML is derived from ‘YAML Ain’t Markup Language’. The recursive expression is used to emphasize that YAML is a data driven, instead of document centric, language. Compared to other types of configuration or resource files such as JSON or XML, YAML uses a much simpler, human-readable data specification format. It provides a variety of programming functions through key-value pairs for application configurations as well as storing data including text elements used by the software application. Recent developments with Java Spring MVC helped make YAML popular. Companies who need to localize their web applications into other languages only need to send YAML files to the translation vendor such as Stepes. The translated YAML files are then used to display the software in foreign languages.

In-Context YAML Translation

In-Context YAML Translation

Like most other software resource files, YAML documents contain text strings that must be translated accurately to produce localized web applications in different languages. However, one major limitation is that these text strings lack context information such as the actual software interface where the strings are displayed. Stepes has solved this problem by allowing our clients to upload software screenshots as references. Our tool automatically maps each software string to its corresponding screenshot(s) so our linguists can obtain full context information in real time, allowing them to achieve the most accurate YAML translations.

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