On-Demand Zoom Translations

On-Demand Zoom Translations by Human Translators

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides on-demand Zoom translation services in over 100 languages. We enable global, online multilingual business meetings and video conferences so companies can engage international audiences in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages.

Zoom Meetings Translated Right

Zoom Meetings Translated Right – Easily

Are you conducting online business meetings using Zoom or WebEx and need professional translation services to support international employees, customers, partners, or multilingual audiences? Then look no further than Stepes. We provide expert Zoom meeting translation services in over 100 languages using professionally trained human translators and interpreters. Stepes has a large team native linguists who specialize in a variety of industries and subject domains to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate online translation and interpretation solutions. As a cloud translation company, we have streamlined the language provisioning process end-to-end so translating your Zoom meetings and virtual webinars become simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. We enable our clients to achieve multilingual communication success, one professionally translated Zoom meeting at a time.

Global social distancing as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic has greatly accelerated the adoption of virtual meetings and online webinars by companies from around the world. Zoom has emerged as a leading platform for online meetings due to its ease of use, superb performance features, as well as affordability. Zoom offers a variety of solutions to make live of interpretation of online meetings a breeze. For Stepes, we have automated the process for our clients to schedule their Zoom meetings for language translation between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Romanian, and many other languages. Better yet, we allow our clients to rate the performance of our on-demand translators so the highest rated linguists get to translate for your future Zoom meetings. Talk to us today and see how Stepes can enable your online international communications easily.

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Multilingual Zoom Meeting Subtitling

Multilingual Zoom Meeting Subtitling

Zoom makes it easy for companies to record online meetings and virtual webinars so the content can be replayed over and over again by employees, partners, and customers. Stepes provides expert multilingual Zoom subtitling services in Spanish, Canadian French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and many other languages. We have streamlined the video subtitling process by professional human translators onto the cloud. Our customers can review the subtitled videos in real time within our platform. They can then decide to make any changes or download the translated videos with subtitles with the click of a button. Our customers also the option to received localized SRT or VTT files. Since Stepes has automated many of the nonessential manual touch points within traditional video subtitling processes, we’re able to provide high quality Zoom subtitling services with speed and affordable price.

Accurate Video Translation Services

Accurate Video Translation Services

In addition to translating Zoom meetings, Stepes also provides professional video translation services for product demos, explainer videos, or elearning courses. We have greatly simplified the video translation process and all you need to do is to drag and drop your video files to our online dashboard to receive an instant translation quote. Alternatively, you can also provide a URL to your online video. Upon your confirmation, Stepes will automatically transcribe the sound track within the video file so our linguists can review and edit the content to ensure it’s 100% accurate. Next our professional translators translate the text script into the target languages while ensuring the correct time stamps for each translated segment. Our translators and client can immediately play the translated videos with subtitles. Additionally, Stepes also provides professional voice-over services so the translated videos can most effectively engage foreign language audiences. To learn more, please visit our Video Translation Services.

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