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Professional Translation Services for CCPA and Consumer Privacy Compliance

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides accurate legal translation services so companies can stay compliant with CCPA, GDPR, and global consumer data protection policies across languages.

Accurate CCPA Translations

Accurate CCPA Translations You Can Trust

It’s official, California’s new data privacy law just went into effect. Similar to the European privacy law GDPR, the California Consumer Protection Act or CCPA aims to protect the privacy rights of California residents by giving them broad authority on how their personal data is collected, shared, and sold by online companies. Website operators must inform consumers about their data collection practices, policies, and give users an option to opt out of such programs. When it comes to California residents speaking Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese, businesses must translate their CCPA policies and terms of use documents into the required languages to stay compliant. This is why you need Stepes. We have the professional linguists and subject matter experts to translate all your CCPA compliance documents with quality and speed.

Accurate CCPA translation requires more than linguistic experience. It also demands expert domain subject matter knowledge and modern translation technologies that support translation memory, terminology management, and automatic linguistic consistency validation. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional legal translators in over 100 languages who are supported by our industry-leading language technologies to translate all of your privacy related content so you can confidently conduct your business across languages and stay compliant with California Consumer Protection Act. Better yet, our online platform saves all the translated results so they can be leveraged for future projects for improved linguistic consistency, fast turnaround, and reduced translation costs.

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CCPA Translation Work

How It Works

Stepes has greatly simplified the language translation process for privacy policies, terms of use, and other legal documents onto the cloud. Drag and drop your legal documents onto our online dashboard and specify the target languages to receive an instant translation quote. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved legal linguists are immediately assigned to start translating. Download your translated documents with the click of a button. If you prefer, Stepes can also assign a dedicated project manager who will take care all of your translation requirements end-to-end.

GDPR Translations

GDPR Translations

Like the CCPA, the European Union has one of the most stringent consumer privacy protection laws in the world, and it’s called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU has 28 countries, each speaking a different language. This means businesses must translate GDPR compliance documents into a variety of EU languages. Stepes is a leader in translating GDPR documents in all EU languages with accuracy and speed. Stepes also owns one of the largest legal terminology databases in the language industry so our professional legal translators can always translate your privacy documents with efficiency. To learn more about Stepes GDPR translation services, please click here.

Legal Document Translation Services

Professional Legal Document Translation Services

Stepes provides fast and professional legal translation services covering a wide range of legal documents such as product licenses, business contracts, legal patents, and litigation support materials. In addition to employing professional linguists who specialize in legal translations, we also work with local law firms and attorneys to translate our clients’ legal documents to deliver the highest level of linguistic and technical accuracy. In addition to language translations, Stepes intelligent online translation management platform also allows our legal clients to perform multilingual document searches on the cloud in real time. To learn more about Stepes legal translation solutions, please click here.

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