German Technical Translation

Professional German Technical Translation Services

Stepes (/’steps/) provides accurate technical translation services between English and German. We specialize in translating user manuals, technical specifications, software documentation, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and product sheets across various industry verticals. By combining the expertise of our professional technical translators with Stepes’ advanced language technologies, we aim to help our clients achieve seamless English-German technical communications – delivering one professionally translated technical document at a time.

Accurate German Technical

Accurate German Technical Translations You Can Trust

Do you need to accurately translate your user manuals, technical reports, product data sheets, or other technical documentation from English to German or vice versa? Stepes offers expert German technical translation services to some of the world’s leading companies in sectors such as engineering, medical, manufacturing, legal, and information technology. Our services enhance multilingual technical communications between our clients and their international customers in both English and German. Our extensive team of professional translators and multilingual subject matter experts specialize in translating all types of technical documents with speed, accuracy, and industry-specific knowledge.

A critical requirement for high-quality German technical translations is the consistent and accurate translation of technical terms across a company's content landscape. This includes technical documentation, marketing collateral, websites, training documents, and compliance materials. Stepes rises to this challenge by employing some of the most experienced English-German technical translators the localization industry has to offer. Simultaneously, we utilize intelligent language technologies that leverage real-time translation memory and terminology management, supporting automatic technical accuracy checks during the translation process. This allows our team to deliver accurate German technical translations the first time around, eliminating the need for costly rework. Contact one of Stepes' technical translation consultants today to elevate your German translation performance to new heights of international business success.

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German User Manual Translation

Stepes possesses the linguistic resources and subject matter expertise to professionally translate technical user manuals between English and German across a broad range of industries such as electronics, automotive, software & IT, industrial equipment, medical & healthcare, aerospace, and more. Our German technical translation solutions leverage automated content reuse across documents, ensuring linguistic consistency, fast turnaround times, and cost savings for our clients’ user manual translation requirements. To learn more about Stepes’ user manual translation services, please click here.

Alongside text translation, Stepes also offers document desktop publishing (DTP) services to ensure that localized German manuals are professionally formatted. Our German technical translation experience spans a variety of applications and sectors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Software & IT
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction
  • Telecommunication
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Consumer Durables
  • Agriculture
  • Marine Engineering

German Software Localization

German Software Localization

Stepes offers comprehensive software localization services and solutions, translating between English and German. Our services cover the translation of user interface strings, online help, and technical documentation. As an integral component of our technical translation best practices, we utilize centralized UI string management to ensure consistent translations of technical terms across all software content, ranging from UI elements like error messages, menus, and dialog boxes, to online help and documentation.

Our innovative, fully automated in-context translation system provides our German translators with real-time context for each text segment, enabling them to deliver the most accurate translation results. To learn more about Stepes’ software translation solutions, please click here.

German Technical Translation Services Beyond Text

German Technical Translation Services Beyond Text

Stepes’ professional German technical translation capabilities extend beyond text content. We have extensive experience translating multimedia materials such as videos, eLearning materials, voice-overs, and technical drawings between English and German. In the digital age, companies are increasingly leveraging multimedia materials to enhance their technical communications between English and German-speaking audiences. Stepes has streamlined solutions to translate rich media content, ensuring both quality and efficiency.

In particular, our video translation services include subtitle creation and synchronization, voice-over recording, and on-screen text translation. For eLearning materials, we ensure the translated content aligns perfectly with visual elements, making the learning experience seamless for German-speaking users. As for voice-over projects, we work with skilled voice actors who can effectively convey your message to the intended audience. Additionally, our expertise in translating technical drawings guarantees precision and technical consistency, which is of paramount importance in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

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