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Stepes (/’steps/) is a premier language translation company providing professional translation services for lease documents and rental contracts with quality and speed in over 100 languages.

Accurate Lease Agreement Translations

Accurate Lease Agreement Translations You Can Trust

Are you doing business across borders and need to execute lease agreements and rental contracts with international landlords or commercial real estate property managers to ensure legal protection of your global operations? Chances are you need your international lease agreements, such as Triple Net Lease, Bondable Lease, or Gross Lease accurately translated and vetted between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and German. Look no further than Stepes. We provide linguistically accurate and legally precise lease document translation services in over 100 languages. Stepes has a large team of professional, native translators and multilingual legal subject matter experts who understand the language of lease agreements to deliver the best translation results. We help multinational companies expand overseas business with confidence, one accurately translated lease document at a time.

In addition to employing the most qualified legal translators, Stepes has modernized professional translation services on the cloud using the latest AI, machine learning, and localization automation technologies so our translators can deliver high-quality lease translations with efficiency. Our online lease translation management system allows companies to easily manage all of their multilingual documents in one central location, while supporting continuous terminology management, translation memory, and in-context linguistic review, ensuring the highest level of translation accuracy at reduced cost and turnaround time. Simply drag and drop your lease documents to our online portal and specify your target languages. Our system will automatically extract the content to work out a translation quote in seconds. Upon your approval, Stepes’ intelligent lease translation management system will immediately assign the right translators with matching legal knowledge to begin translating. For enterprise clients, we also assign a dedicated project manager who is responsible for managing any linguistic inquiries with the client and our translators, as well as scheduling and other project-related issues to ensure the most efficient project execution on time and budget.

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We Translate All Types of Lease Agreements

Whether you need to translate residential lease agreements, short-term rental agreements, sublease agreements, or commercial lease agreements, we have the linguistic knowledge and multilingual legal subject matter experts to get the job done with quality and speed. Stepes has experience translating all types of lease agreements between English and French, English and Japanese, English and Vietnamese, as well as many other language pairs. The following are the types of lease agreements we translate.

  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Monthly Rental Agreement
  • Short Term Rental Agreement
  • Sublease Agreement
  • Rent-to-Own Lease Agreement
  • Vacation Rental Agreement
  • Room Rental Agreement
  • Single Net (N) Lease Agreement
  • Double Net (NN) Lease Agreement
  • Triple Net (NNN) Lease Agreement
  • Bondable Net Lease Agreement
  • Percentage Lease Agreement
  • Full Service Gross Lease Agreement
  • Modified Gross Lease Agreement

End-to-End Lease Agreement Localization

End-to-End Lease Agreement Localization

In addition to translating lease agreements between English and most Asian, European, and Latin American languages, Stepes also provides professional DTP (desktop publishing) services so the translated lease documents are professionally formatted and ready to be printed. We can deliver translated lease agreements in PDF, Word, XML, or other formats as requested by our customers. Our lease translation service also covers Change to Rent Notice, Eviction Notice, Tenant Welcome Letter, and Tenant Newsletter. For companies that must execute a large number of lease documents and legal contracts with international partners and customers, Stepes provides a secure online document management system. Better yet, our system supports cross-language search so our clients can easily locate lease documents in Spanish or Chinese by searching for keywords in English or vice versa.

Real Estate Translation

Real Estate Translation

Stepes has in-depth experience translating for real estate companies and international property developers. We provide a full spectrum of real estate translation services including international property sales literature, purchase agreements, real estate development plans, building codes, real estate contracts, rental and lease agreements, tenant real property disclosure agreements, appraisal documents, mortgage agreements, and more. To learn more about Stepes real estate translation services, please click here.

Legal Document Translation Services

Try Our Other Legal Document Translation Services

In addition to translating lease agreements, Stepes also provides high-quality translation of a full range of legal documents for international business, including purchase and sales agreements, non-disclosure agreements,  international distribution agreements. intellectual-property licenses, investment agreements, international sales contracts, supply agreements, and joint venture agreements. To learn more about Stepes comprehensive legal document translation services, please click here.

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