Leading Cloud Translation Company introduces on-demand multilingual survey platform enabling global businesses to easily create, translate, deploy, and manage customer satisfaction surveys in 100 languages.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 11, 2019—Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in online translation solutions, has announced its highly anticipated multilingual survey translation solution called Stepesurvey that allows business organizations to easily conduct market research surveys in all languages on a global scale. With Stepesurvey, companies can finally employ a one-stop solution for developing, translating, and managing international customer surveys on a single platform.

“We are thrilled to release Stepesurvey that fills a void for a much-needed solution for rapid deployment of multilingual surveys internationally,” commented Carl Yao, Stepes Visionary. “Businesses rely on multilingual market research surveys to effectively measure international customer satisfaction as well as multinational employee engagement, and the ability to streamline the process will help companies stay ahead of the competition.”

The traditional approach to survey translation and localization is complex, involving many unneeded manual touch points that slow down the process and increase time-to-market. Companies typically begin by creating their market research surveys in English. The survey questions are then exported into a Word or Excel document and sent a translation vendor for localization. Next the translated questions are imported into the survey tool before they’re deployed onto a dedicated survey platform. Data collection and reporting also involve many complicated procedures.

Stepesurvey simplifies the entire multilingual survey development process. Customers choose from more than two dozen design templates and question types to create the English survey directly on our platform. Upon completion, Stepesurvey automatically assigns the questions to our professional native linguists for on-demand translation. Next, Stepesurvey will create the localized surveys and deploy internationally using our cloud survey hosting infrastructure. Stepesurvey also manages user response collection and reporting.

To learn more about Stepes survey translation services, please visit: www.stepes.com/survey-translation-services/.

About Stepes

Stepes is the world’s #1 on-demand translation service for global enterprises. Stepes disrupts the traditional translation model to provide real-time, agile, and continuous human translation services for the digital age. Stepes’ patented mobile translation technology enables professional translators and interpreters to confidently translate anytime and anywhere, on mobile, desktop, and on site. Stepes’ game-changing location-based translation solutions allow business travelers and individuals to get language interpretation services in all major cities around the world.

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