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#1 XLIFF Translation Service

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/) provides expert XLIFF translation services to the world’s top companies with quality and speed. Our versatile language technology solutions streamline the entire translation process for XML Localization Interchange File Format.

XML Localization Translations

XML Localization Interchange File Format Translated Right

Are you look for a professional localization company to translate your XLIFF files with quality and speed? Then you’ve found the perfect partner. Stepes helps some of the world’s top companies with expert XLIFF translation services so they can accelerate international product releases in all languages. We have the linguistic resources and engineering skills to guarantee the best translation results in terms of linguistic quality, project efficiency, and competitive service. Stepes has one of the largest teams of professional in-country linguists and subject matter experts who specialize in a variety of industries to provide linguistically fluent and technically accurate XLIFF translations. We lead the language industry with next-gen AI powered translation solutions for automated terminology management, real-time linguistic validation, and dynamic in-context review.

You’ve spent tons of time and money developing and preparing your international product releases, the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company that generates poor XLIFF localization results. Incorrect XLIFF translation methodologies can create all kinds of technical issues when trying to import content back into the original documents or application. Worse yet, poor quality translations can lead to tarnished international brand and even product recalls. This is why you need Stepes. We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified and we have the technical expertise to provide hassle free translations for all your XLIFF localization needs. Stepes supports end-to-end translations for all kinds of XLIFF content extracted from software apps, technical documentation, or website pages. In addition to language translation, we also provide XLIFF testing and DTP services. Don’t just take our word for it. Try Stepes XLIFF translation services risk free for 30 days. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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Extensible XLIFF Translation

Extensible XLIFF Translation

The localization industry has come a long way in creating standards so various types content (documents, software, and online systems) can be translated with quality and efficiency using a variety of CAT (computer aided translation) tools. Originally created by OASIS in conjunction with the localization industry consortium, XLIFF allows translators to focus on the localizable elements without getting bogged down with engineering details in processing intricate file structures and formatting controls. However, not all translation tools are built equally. Stepes XLIFF editor makes it easy to extend the standard set of XLIFF features to support our clients’ customized requirements. As an enterprise customer, Stepes cloud translation management platform allows you to add specialized setting files to your account so all of your XLIFF files are processed right with a variety of specialized extensions.

In-Context XLIFF Translations

In-Context XLIFF Translations

Although XLIFF makes it easy to translate the text elements within a software app and website application, it lacks the ability for linguists to view actual context and layout during translation. This can result in poor linguistic quality within the initial translation phase, forcing companies to resort to subsequent localization testing to fix the errors. However, such a drawn-out process not only leads to costly launch delays, but also results in possible missed errors. Stepes has developed the industry’s first XLIFF live view technology called LocView so our linguists can see the actual software interface during translation. This disruptive technology fundamentally changes the nature of XLIFF translation to deliver unrivaled localization performance. Contact Stepes Sales to see a live demo.

XLIFF Validation and DTP

XLIFF Validation and DTP

XLIFF translation involves protecting tags and entity variables in order to preserve the integrity of the translated files. Broken or missing tags can lead to import failures which are time consuming to troubleshoot and fix. Stepes provides our clients with multilingual XLIFF validation services if they have worked with another vendor for the initial translation. Our experienced localization engineers specialize in fixing XLIFF bugs so you can reduce turnaround time while ensuring the best linguistic quality.

Additionally, Stepes also provides our clients with DTP (desktop publishing service) for the final localized output. Even though XLIFF has in theory eliminated the need for DTP by isolating translatable text elements from document formatting controls, it still can’t do anything about truncations, misalignment, and other anomalies due language expansion and other factors. Stepes XLIFF DTP team will test and fix truncations, misalignments, and functional issues. To learn more about Stepes professional DTP services, please click here.

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