Stepes is an on-demand translation service for businesses and anyone who wants to obtain quality human translations. As a translator you will be able to search for jobs, translate and get paid all within the Stepes platform.
Big Translation is a term used to describe large scale involvement in translation by people speaking two or more languages. Although over half of the world population is bilingual or speaks more than 2 languages, translation is limited to only a handful of professionals. This is why Stepes has created Big Translation, to leverage from the mobile economy and allow multilingual subject matter experts to use their knowledge and translate whenever and wherever they want. Now quality human translation can finally scale up to meet global market demand.
Mobile technology simplifies the translation process and makes translation available to millions of bilingual subject matter experts. Now translators can use their smartphones and take their job anywhere and whenever they want to. The Stepes app has taken translation to the next level.
TermWiki is a global knowledge sharing social networking platform for multiple languages based on terms and blossaries. Anyone from round the world can create an account and share your knowledge and expertise in any language through blossaries and terms. We have over 10,000 language pairs. Stepes is a paid translation platform, which rewards qualified translators through receiving payment based on the work they complete for clients. TermWiki and Stepes work hand in hand. For existing translators you simply Log In to Stepes using your existing TermWiki account details. For new translations simply Sign Up to Stepes and get paid for your hard work.
We’ve worked very hard to create a simple and easy to use platform, as opposed to the complexity CAT tools involve. Stepes breaks down the text into sentences and you also have the option of using MT so you can modify these sentences and speed up the process. With Stepes, you no longer have to use CAT tools; and what’s best, you can take your job anywhere in your mobile.
There has never been a better time to be a translator! Simply complete the translator sign up form to begin earning money like other professional linguists. Signing up with Stepes also automatically creates your profile with, the world’s largest multilingual terminology network in the world.
CAT tools stands for Computer-Assisted Translation tools and have been used by professional translators for decades. Although they have been helpful, they haven't been advancing at the same pace as technology, in other words they are very outdated. This is why Stepes decided to create this innovative platform. Moreover, CAT tools are only helpful in the translation process. As opposed to Stepes that allows you to search jobs, translate and also get paid all within the platform.
We carefully assign translators with client’s translation projects depending on your profiles, giving you more exposure in the translation field of work. We base this on translator’s interest of industries, language pairs, photos and contact details. Please ensure all of this information is filled out in detail and correctly.
We recommend you to upload a professional photo about yourself that represents you well. Just like the one you would use in LinkedIn.
You will have to ask to reset your passowrd here: It will ask you for your username and then it will send you an email with a password reset link.
As an on-demand translation system, Stepes assigns job requests to its pool of approved linguists based on their language pairs, industries of expertise and ratings. When jobs in your language pairs are posted onto Stepes, you will be sent an email notification to accept the job. Whoever accepts the job first will be given the task of translating and as Stepes continues to grow, more jobs will be made available to you as a Stepes Translator. You also have the option to accept jobs and translate in your desktop web browser or using our Apple iOS and Google Android Apps, in the search jobs section.
Yes, the rates for TermWiki are completely different as translators are simply reviewing terms rather than translating. With Stepes you will be paid per word: $0.05 - $0.14; This will vary depending on the translation language and the document.