Stepes mail goal is to break language barriers and also help with the spread of minor languages and dialects. If you can translate a language not featured in Stepes, please contact us at as we’d love to know more about you.
As a freelance translator, we know how important it is for you to organize your own time. For this reason, Stepes will offer you jobs and you can decide to accept them or not depending on your availability. As long as you can meet the deadline specified in each project, you can organize your time as you please. You can even add the job in your Stepes calendar
Once you accept a job you will be asked if you want to add this job as an event in your Google calendar or iCalendar. This will help you better organize your time to complete the task. The event will show the name of the project, language pairs, word count, deadline and payment.
If you receive an email notification for a new job and you'd like to accept it, simply click on the Accept Job button. If you haven't been tested yet, it will ask you to request a test to evaluate your translation quality. If you are already an approved translator, the job will be shown in the Active Jobs sections. You can start translating from the App or in your desktop.