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Stepes (/’steps/) provides professional Japanese medical translation services with quality and speed so life sciences companies can achieve medical market success in Japan across linguistic barriers. We have the professional medical translators, localization best practices, and modern language technologies to deliver English-Japanese medical translations that are second to none.

Accurate Japanese Medical Translations

Accurate Japanese Medical Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for an experienced translation company with the track record and field knowledge to translate your medical documents between English and Japanese for the highest linguistic accuracy and technical precision? Look no further than Stepes. We have hundreds of professional Japanese medical translators who are expertly trained in translating life sciences content with certified accuracy and fast speeds. Consistent, accurate medical translations between English and Japanese demand the highest quality standards, and only the most experienced medical translators with the right subject matter expertise, supported by modern localization technologies, can deliver the best outcome. This is why you need Stepes.

We have redefined professional Japanese medical translations by effectively combining our translation resources with cutting-edge language technologies to harness the best of human-machine capabilities. Our intelligent, cloud-based translation management system supports machine learning, real time translation memory, terminology, and in-context proofreading and editing, allowing our professional Japanese translators to accurately translate a variety of medical content without sacrificing efficiency. Stepes’ ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications mean that we have the mature localization processes to ensure the most stringent Japanese translation quality assurance (QA) programs. Don’t just take our word for it, try Stepes’ professional Japanese translation service today with our complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Meet Some of Our Clients

Stepes is proud to serve the Japanese medical translation needs of many life sciences companies and organizations around the world. The following is just a few of our customers.

Penn Medicine

Japanese Pharmaceutical Translation

Japanese Pharmaceutical Translation

Stepes has in-depth experience translating medical documents and regulatory submissions for pharmaceutical companies between English and Japanese. These include drug inserts, medicine packaging labels, clinical outcome assessments (COAs), patient reported outcomes (PROs), patient consent forms, clinical study protocols, and medical patents. In addition to standard documentation translation, we also provide Japanese linguistic validation services involving back-translation and reconciliation for new drug development in international markets involving multilingual patients. Stepes’ Japanese pharma translation solutions also cover English-Japanese glossary development, English-Japanese style guide creation, and English-Japanese document management solutions. To learn more about Stepes’ professional pharmaceutical translation capabilities, please click here.

Japanese Medical Device Translation Services

Japanese Medical Device Translation Services

Stepes is a leader in professional English-Japanese medical device translation, allowing our customers to confidently market their diagnostic and treatment devices in Japan across linguistic barriers for improved quality of patient life. We translate medical device manuals, training guides, software applications, compliance documents, and marketing websites with quality and speed. Stepes’ medical device localization solutions support translation memory so that previously translated Japanese content can be reused for cost savings and linguistic consistency. We also support real-time terminology management, delivering the highest level of translation accuracy for important medical terms and expressions from English to Japanese. To learn more about Stepes’ comprehensive medical device translation solutions, please click here.

English-Japanese CRO Translation

English-Japanese CRO Translation

Stepes provides certified medical translation services from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English for contract research organizations and their pharmaceutical sponsors. Our clinical trial translation process has been optimized to deliver the highest level of linguistic accuracy while achieving fast turnaround and reduced cost. The global CROM market has become increasingly competitive in both clinical trial speed and project costs. This is why you need Stepes. We’ve streamlined entire English-Japanese linguistic validation process with workflow automation using AI and machine-human collaboration so CRO companies can obtain quality COA translations without breaking the bank. To learn more about Stepes’ linguistic validation solutions, please click here.

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