Leading enterprise language services provider helps global life sciences companies accelerate international drug and medical device development with artificial intelligence powered medical translation solutions.

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in on-demand translations across all business channels and devices, has announced the introduction of AI within its cloud translation management system to significantly improve linguistic accuracy and turnaround time for pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO, and healthcare companies in need of professional language translation services.

Global life science industries increasingly require accurate and timely multilingual clinical data (content) for each stage of the drug or medical device development life cycle in order to respond to rapidly growing international patient care needs and accelerate overseas clinical trials. Traditional offline translation services are too slow and static to meet these challenging language services requirements with efficiency and scale, resulting in delayed time-to-market and lost international healthcare opportunities.

Stepes AI-powered translation management system goes beyond the traditional database approach to translation memory and terminology management and applies machine learning to the entire language translation process to autonomously make the most intelligent translation execution decisions for significantly improved language quality and localization efficiency. Combined with our translation automation solutions for a fully centralized, streamlined, and continuous medical translation workflow, Stepes helps life sciences companies accelerate international business success with confidence.

“We are excited to build upon our on-demand translation ecosystem with the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) for medical translations,” said Carl Yao, Stepes Founder and Visionary. “We have already experienced tremendous growth within our cloud-based translation ecosystem, and the AI innovation will further advance our leadership in life science translations.”

In addition to medical document translations, Stepes provides a full spectrum of language services in Spanish, Chinese, German, and 100+ languages that include software localization, website translation, video subtitling, as well as over-the-phone (OTP) and on-site interpretations.

About Stepes

Stepes is the world’s #1 on-demand translation service for global enterprises. Stepes disrupts the traditional translation model to provide real-time, agile, and continuous human translation services for the digital age. Stepes’ patented mobile translation technology enables professional translators and interpreters to confidently translate anytime and anywhere, on mobile, on desktop, and on site. Stepes’ game-changing location-based big translation solutions allow business travelers and individuals to get language interpretation services in all major cities around the world.

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