Leading enterprise translation service provider helps technology companies and patent law firms accelerate international patent filings in Chinese, Korean, German, and Japanese.

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in enterprise translation services and solutions, has launched its patent translation platform called Stepes.IP to streamline the document translation process for companies looking to file international patents in Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, as well as other European and Asian languages. Stepes.IP is a cloud-powered translation system that boosts the efficiency and turnaround time of patent document translations while ensuring linguistic and technical accuracy across documents.

“We are excited to bring another language technology innovation to the global enterprise translation market,” commented Carl Yao, Stepes Founder, and Visionary. “We help companies take the stress out of international intellectual property protection by simplifying patent translations and multilingual patent document search, allowing for more streamlined overseas patent application and submission processes.”

Stepes.IP lets companies centrally manage the entire lifecycle of multilingual patent documents on the cloud, an ideal solution for international patent work involving multinational teams around the world. Users can upload digital documents as well as scanned PDF files for translation using a browser from both desktop and mobile devices. Stepes.IP automatically performs OCR to convert scanned documents to editable formats for easy translation, catalog, and search. Stepes.IP’s powerful multilingual patent search engine allows companies to look up patent documents in all languages simultaneously.

Stepes partners with local patent attorneys and IP law firms in China, Germany, and Japan to provide our clients with an end-to-end patent translation and localization process.

In addition to patent translations, Stepes provides a full spectrum of language localization services in French, Japanese, Korean, and 100+ languages that include document translation, software localization, website translation, as well as multilingual voiceover and video subtitling.

About Stepes

Stepes is the world’s #1 on-demand translation service for global enterprises. Stepes disrupts the traditional translation model to provide real-time, agile, and continuous human translation services for the digital age. Stepes’ patented mobile translation technology enables professional translators and interpreters to confidently translate anytime and anywhere, on mobile, on desktop, and on site. Stepes’ game-changing location-based big translation solutions allow business travelers and individuals to get language interpretation services in all major cities around the world.

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