Leading Professional Translation Service launches next-gen terminology solution that enables global enterprises to effortlessly develop product glossaries and manage multilingual terminology for improved linguistic quality and consistency, continuously.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2022—Stepes (/’steps/), a global leader in professional translation services on the cloud, today announced the official launch of its game-changing, AI-powered terminology solution for automated glossary creation and continuous multilingual terminology management.  

Companies understand the importance of terminology management in ensuring enterprise translation accuracy and linguistic consistency across the global content supply chain. However, conventional terminology management best practices are overly complex, involving too many manual processes that are difficult to implement, and costly to maintain. Stepes solves this challenge by automating terminology extraction, term translation, and glossary creation seamlessly into our professional online translation workflow. This fully automated, transparent terminology management process allows our clients to achieve the best translation performance without getting bogged down with time-consuming terminology tasks, while systematically growing enterprise multilingual termbases, hassle-free.

“We are excited to introduce a much-needed language innovation that removes a major bottleneck within enterprise translation and localization,” commented Carl Yao, Stepes visionary. “By allowing our clients to focus more on content for translation and less on terminology management, Stepes enables businesses to accelerate quality multilingual content delivery globally at scale.”

Studies find that over 70% of all translation quality issues are terminology-related. However, the current state of the localization industry is such that most companies lack the dedicated resources or technical expertise to manage enterprise terminology effectively, let alone do it continuously. As a result, companies end up with inferior quality translations that are costly and time-consuming to repair, leading to tarnished brand images in international markets.

By seamlessly integrating the end-to-end terminology management process into our professional translation workflows on the cloud, Stepes raises multilingual enterprise localization performance to a higher level of globalization ROI. To learn more, please visit www.stepes.com/terminology-management/.

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Stepes is the world’s #1 professional translation service on the cloud, delivering lean, agile, on-demand, and automated translation solutions for the digital age. We help our clients stay ahead of the competition globally with best-in-class translations that are second to none. To learn more about Stepes’ fully automated translation solutions, please visit our automatic website translation and automatic document translation.

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