Stepes launches Just-in-Time Translation

Mobile translation model now supports continuous human translation

San Francisco, CA and Beijing, China (April 21, 2016) – Stepes, the world’s first mobile platform for human translation, has announced its Just-In-Time translation model is now available for enterprise businesses.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Translation is a localization model that provides near-simultaneous human translation for rapid global deployment. Stepes (pronounced / ‘steps/), the world’s first true mobile platform for human translation, powers JIT and allows its global network of translators to translate anywhere and anytime on-demand. The continuous JIT model provides global businesses language service around the clock and around the world, ensuring fast turnaround and shortened lead times.

JIT translation now delivers human translations of all types of content within minutes of being posted online. Stepes currently offers its JIT suite of services for translation into over 100 languages.

“More and more businesses need short bursts of translations at faster and faster speeds,” said Carl Yao, Stepes’ visionary. “Just-in-time translation perfectly matches these continuous translation needs so businesses can gain a time-to-market advantage and get ahead faster in global markets.”

Content can be uploaded using desktop or mobile or linked to the Stepes translation platform via APIs, and is then automatically assigned to Stepes’ tens of thousands of qualified in-country translators and subject matter experts.

“JIT translation aims to turn around translations in minutes versus hours or days. This is only possible with our patented mobile translation technology that notifies linguists of new translation projects instantly and allows them to translate anywhere and anytime, all from their smartphones,” continued Yao. “70% of all digital content is now generated and consumed on mobile. Yet, very little, if any, of that information is currently translated on mobile. It only makes sense to bring smartphone technology to the translation industry.”

As the world’s first chat-based mobile translation platform, Stepes is also the first to launch true just-in-time translation services.

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About Stepes is the world’s first chat-based translation app. Stepes unlocks on-demand and accurate human translation services not yet witnessed from a mobile device. Stepes stands for Social Translation Experiment Project and Eco System and also refers to the Eurasian steppes, where the world’s 400 major languages originated from some 5,000 years ago. By seamlessly connecting businesses with the world’s linguists through its translation eco-system, Stepes helps break down language barriers between businesses and their customers and among nations and people.

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