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Professional RESX File Translation Services

Stepes (/’steps/) provides expert RESX file translation services tailored for .NET applications in over 100 languages. We are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ software user experience globally, one perfectly translated RESX file at a time.

Accurate RESX Translations

Accurate RESX Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking to localize your .NET applications in Dutch, German, or Japanese with high-quality, professional translation of your RESX files? Stepes is your ideal partner. We provide expert RESX file translation services in all European and Asian languages, backed by our team of professional translators who possess a profound understanding of the RESX (Resource File) XML format. Essential in managing the localization of text strings and other resources within a .NET framework, RESX file localization demands precision handling. Our combination of linguistic expertise and extensive software localization experience ensures that your RESX files are localized with utmost accuracy, preserving both their structural integrity and functionality throughout the translation process.

At Stepes, we employ language industry best practices to ensure the utmost accuracy in RESX translations. Our approach includes:

  1. Utilizing Specialized Translators: We assign your RESX files to professional translators with specific experience in .NET application localization, ensuring they understand both the language nuances and technical aspects.
  2. Maintaining Code Integrity: Our translators are trained to respect the XML structure of RESX files. They focus solely on translating the text without altering any code elements, thereby preserving the file integrity.
  3. Quality Assurance Processes: Stepes implements a rigorous quality control process. After translation, files are reviewed for linguistic accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and technical precision.
  4. Continuous Collaboration: We encourage ongoing communication between our clients and translation teams. This ensures any specific terminologies or contextual nuances are perfectly captured.
  5. Leveraging Translation Memory Technology: To ensure consistency across your software localization project, we use advanced translation memory tools. This not only maintains terminology consistency but also speeds up the translation process and reduces costs.

Trust Stepes for your RESX file translations and experience a blend of linguistic excellence and technical expertise that sets your .NET applications apart in any market.

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Our RESX File Translation Process

At Stepes, we are committed to delivering exceptional RESX file translation services, tailored to meet the unique demands of .NET applications for our clients in industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, gaming, and education. Our process is designed to combine technical accuracy with linguistic expertise, ensuring a streamlined approach to handle the complexities of RESX file translation. Below is an outline of the key steps we undertake to ensure the highest quality results for our clients.

  1. Initial Analysis and Consultation:
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your .NET application’s specific requirements.
  • Detailed understanding of contextual and technical aspects of each RESX file.
  1. Selection of Specialized Translators:
  • Assignment of projects to native language experts with a specialization in software localization.
  • Specific focus on translators experienced in the .NET framework and XML file formats.
  1. Translation with Technical Precision:
  • Accurate translation of text strings while carefully maintaining the original XML structure.
  • Application of industry-standard tools and practices to ensure seamless integration into your application.
  1. Consistency Management:
  • Utilization of advanced translation memory tools for consistent terminology across projects.
  • Efficient process management, resulting in reduced turnaround times and lower costs.
  1. Quality Assurance and Accuracy Checks:
  • Rigorous linguistic, cultural, and technical review of the translated content.
  • Ensuring translations meet the highest standards of accuracy and technical compliance.
  1. Client Collaboration and Feedback Integration:
  • Continuous communication with clients for real-time feedback and adjustments.
  • Flexibility to adapt to evolving project requirements, ensuring client satisfaction.
  1. Final Delivery and Integration Support:
  • Delivery of professionally translated RESX files, ready for integration.
  • Assistance and support in integrating translated files back into the .NET environment.

We Translate All Software Resource Files

Stepes extends its expertise beyond translating RESX files for .NET applications, covering a wide range of software resource files including .properties, JSON, .po, XML, YAML, RC, XLIFF, and String files. Our innovative approach allows translators to view the software interface in real-time, enhancing their ability to deliver translations with improved linguistic accuracy and contextual understanding. This context-aware strategy not only elevates the quality of our translations but also ensures seamless integration with user interfaces and user experience designs across various applications.

Java .properties Files

Stepes provides professional translation services for Java .properties files, which are key in configuring Java applications. Our team ensures accurate translation while maintaining the file's format, crucial for application functionality.

.po Files

Specializing in GNU gettext .po files, Stepes delivers high-quality translations that are vital for software internationalization, ensuring that message strings are culturally and contextually accurate.

XML Files

Stepes' expertise in translating XML files, widely used for data storage and UI elements in software applications, ensures that these eXtensible Markup Language files retain their structural and functional integrity post-translation.

JSON Files

Recognizing the importance of JSON files in web applications, Stepes offers precise translation services that cater to the lightweight and flexible nature of JavaScript Object Notation, crucial for configuration and data transmission.

YAML Files

Stepes translates YAML files, a human-readable data serialization format commonly used in configuration files, with a focus on maintaining the format's readability and structure.

RESX Files

In .NET applications, RESX files are integral for localization. Stepes ensures that these XML-based files are translated with technical accuracy, preserving both the content and structure essential for .NET environments.


Stepes' translation services for XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) files adhere to the standards of this format designed for the localization industry, ensuring smooth data exchange between tools.

String Files

Stepes provides expert translation for .strings files used in iOS and macOS development, focusing on the precise localization of content to enhance user experience on Apple platforms.

RC Files

For Windows development environments, Stepes translates RC files, ensuring that resources like strings and dialog layouts are accurately localized while maintaining their technical format.

INI Files

Stepes offers specialized translation services for INI files, used for configuration in various software applications, guaranteeing that the simplicity and structure of these text files are preserved.

PO/TMX Files

Stepes handles PO and TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) files, standard formats in translation and localization, ensuring accurate and efficient translation memory exchange.

Qt Linguist Files (.ts)

Stepes excels in translating Qt Linguist Files, an XML-based format used in the Qt framework, focusing on precise and seamless application localization.

Cybersecurity Translated Right in 100 Languages

Professional RESX Translation in 100 Languages

Stepes provides RESX translations in all European, Asian, Latin American, and many African languages. The following is a list of languages we support. Our services are tailored to meet the diverse language localization needs of global software development, ensuring your .NET applications resonate with users worldwide. Below is a comprehensive list of languages we support, each handled by native-speaking professionals skilled in both linguistic nuances and technical aspects of RESX files.

  • Arabic (AR)
  • Chinese, Simplified (ZS)
  • Czech (CS)
  • Danish (DA)
  • Dutch (NL)
  • English (EN)
  • English, UK (UE)
  • Finnish (FI)
  • French (FR)
  • German (DE)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Japanese (JA)
  • Korean (KO)
  • Norwegian (NO)
  • Polish (PL)
  • Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)
  • Russian (RU)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • Swedish (SV)
  • Thai (TH)
  • Vietnamese (VI)
  • Afrikaans (AF)
  • Albanian (SQ)
  • Amharic (AM)
  • Armenian (HY)
  • Azerbaijani (AZ)
  • Basque (EU)
  • Belarusian (BE)
  • Bengali (BN)
  • Bhutanese (BT)
  • Bihari (BH)
  • Bosnian (BS)
  • Breton (BR)
  • Bulgarian (BG)
  • Burmese (MY)
  • Catalan (CA)
  • Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)
  • Chinese, Traditional (ZT)
  • Croatian (HR)
  • English, Australian (AE)
  • English, Canadian (CE)
  • Estonian (ET)
  • Faroese (FO)
  • Filipino (TL)
  • French, Canadian (CF)
  • Frisian (FY)
  • Galician (GL)
  • Georgian (KA)
  • Greek (EL)
  • Guarani (GN)
  • Gujarati (GU)
  • Hausa (HA)
  • Hawaiian (HW)
  • Hebrew (IW)
  • Hindi (HI)
  • Hungarian (HU)
  • Icelandic (IS)
  • Igbo (IG)
  • Indonesian (ID)
  • Interlingua (IA)
  • Irish (GA)
  • Javanese (JW)
  • Kannada (KN)
  • Kashmiri (KS)
  • Kazakh (KK)
  • Khmer (KM)
  • Kirundi (RN)
  • Kurdish (KU)
  • Laothian (LO)
  • Latin (LA)
  • Latvian (LV)
  • Lingala (LN)
  • Lithuanian (LT)
  • Luganda (LG)
  • Macedonian (MK)
  • Malagasy (MG)
  • Malay (MS)
  • Malayalam (ML)
  • Maltese (MT)
  • Maori (MI)
  • Marathi (MR)
  • Moldavian (MO)
  • Mongolian (MN)
  • Montenegrin (ME)
  • Nepali (NE)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (NN)
  • Pashto (PS)
  • Persian (FA)
  • Persian, Dari (DR)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Punjabi (PA)
  • Romanian (RO)
  • Rwandan (RW)
  • Scots Gaelic (GD)
  • Serbian (SR)
  • Sesotho (ST)
  • Shona (SN)
  • Slovak (SK)
  • Slovenian (SL)
  • Somali (SO)
  • Spanish, Latin American (XL)
  • Sundanese (SU)
  • Swahili (SW)
  • Tajik (TG)
  • Tamil (TA)
  • Tanchangya (TC)
  • Telugu (TE)
  • Tibetan (BO)
  • Tonga (TO)
  • Tswana (TN)
  • Turkish (TR)
  • Uighur (UG)
  • Ukrainian (UK)
  • Urdu (UR)
  • Uzbek (UZ)
  • Valencian (VA)
  • Welsh (CY)
  • Yiddish (YI)
  • Yoruba (YO)
  • Zulu (ZU)
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