On-Site Interpretation Made Easy

Stepes was recently featured at Slator.com for pioneering the onsite human interpreting service revolution. Anyone who has had experience using interpreter services knows the tedious effort often involved with scheduling and coordinating in-person interpretation services. In addition to the back-and-forth negotiations, finding the right translators for the right price, one also needs to arrange for the time and location to meet with the translator where such services are required. There is often uncertainty as to whether or not the translators will arrive on time due to traffic delays as a result of long distance travel.

Stepes solves these issues by leveraging modern GPS enabled mobile devices, therefore, automatically matching the best interpreters located closest to the place where such service is needed. The language technology startup has also classified its translators into a list of pre-defined subject matter fields by language so you get true multilingual and technical experts for your interpretation needs. Stepes has also simplified the interpretation booking process so you can reserve a translator similar to booking a ride or hotel room. As the demand for on-site interpretation services continues to accelerate in our ever globalized world and economic system, Stepes’ on-demand interpreting service is poised for significant growth.

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