Stepes to present at TAUS Translation Technology Webinar on October 5 and participate in Innovation Contest on October 24 in Portland, Oregon

Stepes (pronounced /’steps/), the leader in mobile translation will be presenting at the TAUS Translation Technology Webinar on October 5th and will also feature in the Game-Changer Innovation Contest on October 24th .

The TAUS Annual Conference is a marketplace of ideas for innovation, automation and collaboration. Like in previous years TAUS 2016 is inviting Stepes and other insider and invader innovators, small and large companies, start-ups and established players, to come to the Annual Conference and participate in a contest for the best innovator. Thereafter, the audience will select winners of the “TAUS Game-Changer Innovation Awards”.

Stepes is taking innovation to a whole new level through on-the-spot mobile translation which is required for businesses to act quickly and meet the needs of changing market demands globally. Digitization is transforming the enterprise information ecosystem, accelerating the delivery of products and services and translation is no exception to this.

In the TAUS webinar there will be a demo of Stepes, the world first mobile translation platform for instant and live human translation services anywhere and anytime. The Webinar is open to all users and buyers of translation technology and tools and to anyone else interested. TAUS webinars usually comprises of demos and presentations of two matching translation or language technologies, with an opportunity for an expert panel to ask questions and an audience to raise questions to the presenters.

Stepes, which instantly connects translators and interpreters with those needing translation brings the ultimate translation technology to TAUS as the first personal, on-demand translation service for text, audio, and even images. The advantage of this innovative feature is the ability to perform translation and interpretation all from the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere in the world. The entrepreneurial ideas driving Stepes enable this application to be at forefront of technology in the translation industry.

Carl Yao, founder of Stepes says ‘We’re excited to see how far Stepes has come and can see Stepes as a leading mobile translation technology needed to address 21st century efficiency requirements and global digitization. Stepes really has the potential to develop into the ‘Uber’ of translation’.

About Stepes

Stepes is the world’s first mobile translation platform powered by human translators and interpreters from around the world. Stepes advances the traditional translation model, enabling quality human translation service in a matter of minutes rather than days. Stepes delivers translation on-demand in 100+ languages. By seamlessly connecting businesses with the larger pool of translators and bilingual subject matter experts around the world, Stepes break down language barriers between businesses and their customers and among nations and people. The word Stepes stands for Social Translation Experiment Project and Eco System.

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