Document Translation

Stepes provides professional document translation services that cater to various business needs. Here’s how you can utilize this service:

  1. File Upload: Securely upload your documents in formats such as PDF, DOCX, or TXT through our online portal.
  2. Language Selection: Choose from over 100 languages for translation, ensuring coverage for major global markets.
  3. Translation Process: Our experienced translators, equipped with subject matter expertise, will translate your documents while retaining the original tone and intent.
  4. Review and Editing: Translations undergo stringent quality checks for accuracy and readability.
  5. Delivery: Receive your translated documents promptly, ready for your business use.

Each step is designed to provide clarity and convenience, ensuring your document translation needs are met with precision and professionalism. Learn more about Stepes’ comprehensive document translation solutions here.

Supported File Types: We handle a wide variety of document formats, including but not limited to PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, INDD, and TXT.

Desktop Publishing (DTP): Our DTP services ensure that the translated documents match the original layout and design, including graphics localization for a seamless visual experience in every language. You can select DTP service under Additional Services when ordering your project.

Translation Memory: Stepes employs translation memory technology to leverage previous translations, resulting in cost savings, enhanced linguistic consistency, and improved translation efficiency. Translation memory is automatically leveraged for each project.

Stepes provides expert translation services catering to a diverse range of document types to meet the varying needs of our global clients. Our team of skilled translators is equipped to handle a wide array of documents, ensuring accuracy and cultural relevance in every project. We specialize in the following document categories:

  1. Legal Documents:
    • Contracts and Agreements
    • Court and Witness Transcripts
    • Legal Disclaimers
    • Confidentiality Agreements
    • Litigation Documents
    • Immigration Documents
    • Patents and Trademarks
  2. Medical and Healthcare Documents:
    • Patient Records
    • Clinical Study Reports
    • Medical Device Manuals
    • Informed Consent Forms
    • Pharmaceutical Research
    • Health Guides and Brochures
  3. Technical Documents:
    • Technical Manuals
    • User Guides
    • Safety Manuals
    • Product Specifications
    • Patents and Technical Reports
    • Installation Manuals
  4. Business and Financial Documents:
    • Business Plans
    • Annual Reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Market Research Documents
    • Corporate Websites
    • Economic Reports
  5. Governmental and Political Documents:
    • Legislation
    • Public Policy Documents
    • Government Reports
    • Diplomatic Communications
  6. Educational and Academic Documents:
    • Textbooks
    • Course Materials
    • Academic Papers and Articles
    • Educational Websites
    • Certificates and Diplomas
  7. Marketing and Advertising Materials:
    • Advertisements
    • Marketing Brochures
    • Product Catalogs
    • Press Releases
    • Websites and Digital Content
  8. Literary Works:
    • Books
    • Novels
    • Poems
    • Plays
    • Essays
  9. Multimedia and Entertainment:
    • Subtitles for Movies and TV Shows
    • Video Game Localization
    • Voice-over Scripts
  10. Technical and Scientific Research:
    • Research Papers
    • Scientific Articles
    • Study Protocols
    • Data Sheets
  11. Travel and Tourism:
    • Travel Guides
    • Brochures and Flyers
    • Hotel Websites
    • Booking and Reservation Forms
  12. Personal Documents:
    • Birth Certificates
    • Marriage Certificates
    • Wills and Testaments
    • Personal Correspondence
  13. Human Resources Documents:
    • Employee Manuals
    • Training Materials
    • Corporate Policies
    • Performance Evaluation Forms
  14. E-Commerce:
    • Product Descriptions
    • Customer Reviews
    • Online Retail Websites
    • Return and Shipping Policies
  15. Software and IT:
    • Software UI/UX Text
    • Help Files
    • Technical Support Documents
    • User Interfaces