Suggesting New Features or Services

In the dynamic world of translation services, innovation and adaptability are key. At Stepes, we are always eager to explore new ideas and possibilities. Your suggestions for new features or services can help us stay at the forefront of the translation industry.

How to Suggest New Features or Services

  1. Access the Suggestion Form:
    • Find our suggestion form easily accessible through this link. The form is designed to be straightforward and quick to complete, allowing you to share your innovative ideas with us effortlessly.
    • . This form is designed to capture your innovative ideas efficiently.
  2. Detail Your Suggestion:
    • Describe the feature or service you are suggesting. What is it, and how does it work?
    • Explain how this new feature or service could enhance the translation process, improve accuracy, or provide a better user experience.
  3. Explain the Need:
    • Share your perspective on why this new feature or service is needed. Does it address a specific challenge? Does it leverage new technology or methodologies?
  4. Potential Impact:
    • Discuss the potential benefits and impact of your suggestion. How would it benefit other users and clients of Stepes?
  5. Any References or Examples:
    • If your idea is inspired by something existing or if you have seen similar features elsewhere, feel free to include those references. This can help us better understand your vision.

Evaluation and Implementation Process

  • Review of Suggestions:
    • Our team will review each suggestion to understand its feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with our strategic goals.
  • Feasibility Analysis:
    • Some suggestions may require extensive analysis in terms of technology, resources, and market trends to determine their viability.
  • Client Engagement:
    • We may reach out to you for further discussion or clarification. Your active involvement can provide deeper insights into your suggested idea.
  • Updates on Progress:
    • While not all suggestions can be implemented, we value every input. We aim to provide updates on the status of suggestions, especially those we plan to pursue.

Your Contribution to Innovation

Your suggestions are more than just ideas; they are the seeds of innovation that can drive the translation industry forward. By proposing new features or services, you help us think outside the box and continue to provide top-tier, innovative translation solutions.

Contact Us for More

If you have detailed proposals or need to discuss your ideas further, please contact our support team at  or call us +1 800 622 5698. We’re always open to hearing more about how we can improve and innovate.