Project Preferences and Settings

Customizing your project preferences in your Stepes account is essential for optimizing your translation process. This guide will assist you in tailoring these settings to your specific needs, ensuring a more efficient and personalized translation experience.

Customizing Project Preferences:

  1. Accessing Project Settings:
    • Log into your Stepes account.
    • Navigate to ‘Project Preferences’ or ‘Settings’ in your dashboard.
  2. Setting Language Preferences:
    • Choose preferred source and target languages.
    • Stepes supports multiple language pair settings for diverse linguistic needs.
    • Consider adding secondary languages for broader project scope.
  3. Specifying Industry or Subject Area:
    • Select relevant industries or subject areas, like legal, medical, or technical.
    • This helps Stepes match you with translators who have specialized expertise.
  4. Preferred Translator Selection (myTranslator):
    • Utilize Stepes’ myTranslator feature to have a dedicated team of translators.
    • This ensures consistency and knowledge retention for each enterprise client.
    • Rate and review the performance of your dedicated translators for ongoing quality assurance.
  5. Quality Assurance Preferences:
    • Define quality standards, such as proofreading and compliance needs.
    • Stepes aligns quality control processes with your preferences.
    • Include preferences for style guides or glossaries if applicable.
  6. File Format and Delivery Preferences:
    • Indicate preferred file formats and delivery methods.
    • Stepes accommodates various formats for project needs.
    • Option to request specific encryption or security measures for sensitive documents.

Managing Workflow Settings:

  1. Deadline and Urgency Settings:
    • Set preferences for project turnaround times.
    • Stepes adheres to these deadlines for timely completions.
    • Include preferences for handling urgent or last-minute requests.
  2. Notification and Update Preferences:
    • Customize update channels like email, SMS, or in-app notifications.
    • Stepes offers flexibility in communication for project updates.
    • Set preferences for frequency of updates, such as daily or at key milestones.
  3. Feedback and Revision Settings:
    • Outline preferences for giving feedback and requesting revisions.
    • Stepes values client feedback for enhancing service quality.

Best Practices for Setting Preferences:

  1. Regular Review and Update:
    • Keep preferences updated in your Stepes account.
    • Reflect evolving needs in your settings.
  2. Clarity in Preferences:
    • Detailed preferences help Stepes deliver tailored services.
    • Engage with Stepes project managers for optimal settings.

Managing your project preferences and settings in your Stepes account is vital for a tailored translation experience. Regular updates and clear preferences ensure your projects align with your specific needs.

For assistance with preferences, contact the Stepes support team at .