Getting Quotes

At Stepes, we offer a straightforward process for obtaining quotes for various services. Choose the type of service below to see detailed information:

  1. Instant Online Quote: For quick estimates, visit our Instant Translation Quote Page. Here, you can simply drag and drop your documents, including formats like PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and more. Our system will analyze them and provide an instant quote based on the content and requirements.
  2. Specific Services:
  • Document Translation: Simply upload your documents to our Instant Translation Quote Page to obtain a quote in seconds. We support all popular file formats like PDF, DOCX and more. Stepes offers comprehensive document translation services for a wide range of document types, including legal contracts, technical manuals, medical reports, and marketing materials.
  • Website Translation: Obtain quotes for our website translation and localization services with ease. Receive an automatic quote within one hour by visiting our website translation quote page. We offer comprehensive solutions, including full proxy website translation and content-only translation. Our services include content translation, user interface adaptation, and ensuring cultural appropriateness to effectively reach your target audience. Alternatively, you can also write to to request website translation quotes.
  • Software Localization: Easily obtain quotes for software localization here by dragging and dropping your software resource files, such as XML, JSON, and RES, on our platform. For comprehensive quotes, you can also upload help files and user documentation. Our solutions are designed to ensure your software retains full functionality and linguistic accuracy in multiple languages, facilitating seamless global usability.
  • Video Translation: Obtain quotes for video translation services, including subtitling, voice-over, and dubbing. We cater to various video formats and genres, ensuring high-quality linguistic and technical accuracy.
  • Interpretation Services: Request quotes for live interpretation services, including simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for events, conferences, or business meetings. Write to with your requirements.
  1. Contact Our Project Team: For more complex projects or personalized service, reach out to our project team at . They can provide detailed quotes tailored to your specific project needs, taking into account factors like project scope, language pair, and turnaround time.

Choose the method that aligns with your requirements to receive a transparent and precise quote for our translation services. For our existing clients, the quote system automatically leverages translation memory, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective quotes.