Website Localization

Stepes’ Website Localization service ensures your website is professionally translated, engaging global audiences effectively. We offer two solutions: 1) Full website localization, including content translation, website setup, and dynamic content updates; and 2) Content translation only.

  • Proxy Website Translations
    • Assessment and Quotation: Share your website URL for a free comprehensive localization assessment and quote here. Our system can automatically generate a quote within 15 minutes for most sites.
    • Full Proxy Solution: We manage end-to-end localization, covering text translation, website setup, seamless updates, and QA testing.
    • Localization Testing: Extensive testing post-translation ensures functionality and accuracy.
    • Delivery and Support: Receive a fully localized, tested website with ongoing support for updates and maintenance.
  • Translation Only
    • File Submission: Upload web content files like HTML, XML, or CMS exports here to obtain a translation quote.
    • Translation and Quality Checks: We translate while maintaining the original content structure and format, followed by thorough quality assurance.
    • Localization Testing: Testing for localization accuracy is conducted.
    • Delivery: Receive translated and tested files for integration.

Each service is tailored to meet specific needs, offering technical precision and professional quality. Choose between our comprehensive full proxy translation or flexible content translation, depending on your requirements. You can learn more about Stepes’ website translation solutions here.