Understanding Pricing

At Stepes, our pricing is transparent and adaptable, consistent with industry best practices: 

  1. Pricing Models: We offer flexible models like per-word, per-page, or hourly rates. The industry standard is the per-word model, facilitating competitive pricing through translation memory leverage.
  2. Volume and Complexity: Costs vary based on text volume and subject complexity. Specialized translations may need additional expertise.
  3. Language Pairs: Different language pairs may have varying prices due to demand and translator availability.
  4. Turnaround Time: Expedited translations might incur higher costs for faster turnaround.
  5. Additional Services: Desktop publishing, subtitling, and extra proofreading are additional cost factors.
  6. Translation Rates:
    • Per-Word Rates: $0.09 – $0.20 per word
    • Hourly Rates: For interpretation or specialized consultations.
    • Per-Page Rates: $22.5 – $50, depending on languages and assuming 250 words/page.
    • Specialized Service Rates: 20% higher for medical, legal, marketing, or urgent translations compared to standard content.
    • Desktop Publishing (DTP) Rates: $4.00/page for simple layout and $10/page for complex layout.
    • Voice-Over Rates: Rates vary depending on language, duration, and complexity of the project. 

This comprehensive list provides a clear overview of the various pricing options available for different translation services offered by Stepes.

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