Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect Stepes’ dedication to delivering exceptional support services. These agreements are crafted to offer transparency and reliability, ensuring that you receive timely and effective assistance whenever needed.

Key Components:

  1. Response Time:
    • Email Response: We commit to responding to customer emails within one hour during business hours, ensuring prompt acknowledgment and initial assessment of your issue.
    • Other Channels: For support requests via phone, live chat, or our online support form, we strive for immediate response during operational hours.
  2. Resolution Time:
    • Common Technical Issues: Our goal is to resolve standard technical issues within 24 hours of the initial request.
    • Complex Issues: More complex cases may require additional time; however, we ensure regular updates on the progress and estimated resolution time.
  3. Availability:
    • Business Hours: Our technical support services are available during standard business hours, with extended support for critical issues.
    • Emergency Support: For urgent matters, we offer emergency support channels accessible outside of regular business hours.
  4. Performance Monitoring:
    • We conduct regular reviews of our support performance against these SLAs to continually improve our services. This includes analyzing response and resolution times, customer satisfaction, and issue handling efficiency.
  5. Escalation Procedures:
    • If an issue is not resolved within the expected timeframe, it can be escalated to higher levels of support. We provide clear guidelines on how to initiate this escalation to ensure prompt and adequate resolution.

Customer Expectations:

  • Clear Communication: You can expect regular updates regarding the status of your Stepes support request, ensuring you’re informed at every step.
  • Professional Resolution: Our team is committed to resolving your issues effectively, leveraging their expertise and the latest tools.
  • Feedback Opportunities: We value your feedback as it helps us improve. After your issue is resolved, we provide opportunities to share your experience and suggestions.