Feedback and Revision Policies

At Stepes, we highly value our clients’ feedback and understand the critical role of revisions in achieving top-quality translation services. Our feedback and revision policies are designed for ease and efficiency, ensuring that the final translations meet our clients’ precise needs.

Procedures for Clients to Provide Feedback and Request Revisions

  • Feedback Submission: Clients can submit their feedback through the project’s message center or directly to their project manager, at any stage of the translation process.
  • Revision Requests: Clients can specify the areas in the translation that require changes and provide additional guidelines or preferences for the revisions.

Process for Handling and Implementing Translation Revisions

  • Immediate Review: Revision requests are promptly reviewed by our project management team to understand the specific requirements.
  • Assignment to Original Translator: Revisions are ideally assigned to the original translator for consistency. If unavailable, a similarly qualified translator is selected.
  • Revision Implementation: The translator incorporates the requested changes, ensuring alignment with the client’s feedback and requirements.
  • Quality Check: The revised document undergoes another quality check to ensure that the new changes adhere to our high standards and the client’s expectations.
  • Translation Memory Update: All changes and revisions are recorded in our translation memory system. This ensures that any identified issues or preferences are remembered and applied in future projects, enhancing consistency and reducing the likelihood of repeated issues.

Additional Considerations

  • Turnaround Time: We aim to handle revisions swiftly, and the estimated turnaround time will be communicated to the client.
  • Limit on Revisions: Stepes typically allows a reasonable number of revisions within a specific timeframe after delivery.
  • Feedback Integration: Client feedback is integrated into our quality control processes to improve future translations.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

  • Final Approval: Clients are encouraged to review the revised document and provide their final approval.
  • Continuous Improvement: We continually refine our processes based on client feedback, aiming to enhance our service quality and client satisfaction.

Through these comprehensive feedback and revision policies, Stepes ensures that every translation project not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction is paramount, with feedback being an essential component of our ongoing partnership with our clients.