Medical Interpretation

Medical Interpretation. Simplified.

Finally, getting certified medical interpreter services to support your healthcare operations has never been easier. Stepes has revolutionized the way medical interpretation is scheduled and delivered so you can achieve the best patient experience across languages.

On-Demand Medical Interpretation

On-Demand Medical Interpretation When You Need It

Stepes provides a full range of medical interpretation services to leading healthcare organizations that are simple, fast, and cost-effective. Our on-demand medical interpretation is delivered over the phone, on-site, in-person, or through our unique mobile translation app. Our certified medical interpreters use the Stepes App to receive live interpretation requests and then immediately provide interpretation over a mobile phone, anytime.

Location Based Medical Interpretation

Location Based Medical Interpretation

Finally, Stepes revolutionizes on-site and in-person language interpretation services with the industry’s first location-based solution. Since Stepes medical interpreters carry our mobile translation app anywhere (think Uber interpretation,) our customers are able to request for on-site interpretation with interpreters that are located nearest to the service location. The result is a faster and better service with the best cost efficiency.

Scheduling Interpretation Services Is Easy

Scheduling Interpretation Services Is Easy

Stepes has not only simplified the delivery of medical interpretation services, but also made it super easy to schedule your next interpretation request. Like booking for a hotel stay, simply go to our website or use the App to specify the date and time, as well as GPS enhanced location. Stepes will make sure our medical interpreters are ready when and where you need them.

Medical Interpretation for 100+ Languages

Stepes supports medical interpretation in over 100 languages such as Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and more.

Amharic (AM)
Australian English (AE)
Azerbaijani (AZ)
Basque (EU)
Belarusian (BE)
Bihari (BH)
Bosnian (BS)
Breton (BR)
Catalan (CA)
Chinese, Hong Kong (ZH)
Chinese, Traditional (ZT)
Faroese (FO)
Galician (GL)
Guarani (GN)
Gujarati (GU)
Latin (LA)
Latvian (LV)
Macedonian (MK)
Malagasy (MG)
Malayalam (ML)
Marathi (MR)
Moldavian (MO)
Montenegrin (ME)
Nepali (NE)
Pashto (PS)
Portuguese (PT)
Punjabi (PA)
Scots Gaelic (GD)
Serbian (SR)
Sesotho (ST)
Shona (SN)
Tajik (TG)
Tanchangya (TC)
Tibetan (BO)
Tonga (TO)
Uighur (UG)
Uzbek (UZ)
Valencian (VA)
Welsh (CY)
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